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Needing some recommendations for St.Thomas, & St Maarten.


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Hello All.

I am going on Oasis Of the Seas. 8/5/18  with my husband, to celebrate our 21st anniversary. It was 2007, the last time I did Eastern Caribbean,  Can anyone recommend excursions in St. Thomas, and Saint Maarten, post hurricane, that are reasonable priced, or even recommending a nice beach to go to, in one, or both of those places? 

Thank You in advance. ?

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St. Maarten - Bernard's SXM Tours! 

We did this in February and had an amazing time. $40 tour and it takes you alllllll over the island with a few stops for pictures or to just hang out for a bit, and the bus is stocked with sodas, beers, and rum punches. A day very well spent on St. Maarten! 

Book online with a deposit of $5 - http://www.bernardstours.com/ 

My Review - 


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If you want a nice reasonably priced beach on St. Maarten, there is Great Bay beach right by the cruise ship.  It is a $7 water taxi ride round trip and chairs are about $20 for 2.  @twangster has pictures in one of his live blogs (I think it was the Christmas one).

I did a private tour in March.  A tour is a great way to see the island the progress of the island post hurricane.  Back in March, Orient beach was still not back to normal and only had 1 restaurant and I don't think any bathrooms.  We also saw Maho beach (where the airplanes land).  That seemed back to normal with restaurants and facilities but it was very crowded for a very small beach.  In general, the Dutch side seemed to have recovered better than the French side.  

When we go again next year, we'll either do a snorkeling tour or go to Great Bay beach.

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For St Maarten you could follow in the footprints of KCJarvis, BigDuckRon and MFP and their day at a beach not far Maho Beach.  i've been to St Maarten several times since the storms.  The water taxi at $7 is great, all day pass with $2 beers on board.  Go just for the views. Best $7 ever spent each time I visit.  I think I scoped it once. 

Live blogs:




For St. Thomas the shared 'Safari' taxi is a pretty cheap way to get to Magens Bay beach at $8 per person each way.  Royal Caribbean sponsored and worked with the local government authority that operates it to get it back up and running post hurricane.  I was there the day after it re-opened:


Bring a ship towel to sit on the beach or rent a lounger.  It's available as an excursion but easy to do on your own for much less. 



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