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Diamonds International

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Has anyone had any issues with Diamonds International ?  I purchased a bracelet in Cozumel in February and got a call that it was to ship next week.  I asked what size was it and he stated medium. I re examined the receipt and and its supposed to be a large.  Called DI back.   A week and a half later still no calls and RC not much help either. This will be the third time in 5 years with issues. All with D I and John Hardy merchandise. Five years ago a ring took 6 months. Two years ago a bracelet took 4 months.   It might be 3 strikes and your out or so it seems.   

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1 minute ago, coneyraven said:

It was hysterical, as we were walking around, I could see her in my peripheral vision...... it sort of turned into a game..... we walk 3 steps, she walks 3 steps, we go to the right, she goes to the right........ crazy..... never again.

The sales cha-cha

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I have heard bad things about DI for quite some time enough to try it once but never again I felt eyes on me the whole time read about a purchase of a diamond ring from them that appraised far less once back in the US and Royal was no help at all good place to stay away from 

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