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LIVEish, 7 Days on Oasis (01/07/2018 or 07/01/2018 better yet January 7, 2018)

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Going to keep this post sweet and simple. As you might be able to guess from the topic title I'm once again heading off on another voyage onboard Oasis.

To get an idea of what to expect from me take a look back at my previous Oasis LIVEish over Halloween. 

Also, keep an eye on Twitter/Periscope for any material not posted here.
Twitter/Periscope: @CGTLH

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Itinerary is the same as the October sailing. 

January 7th 2018 sailing (7n) Western: Port Canaveral, Sea Day, Labadee, Falmouth, Sea Day, Cozumel, Sea Day


This time around my accommodations will be a Junior Suite. Didn't want to part with the 13k a person to upgrade the Grand Loft. Heck, for a Grand Suite they were asking 6k a person.

The Junior Suite was booked as a guarantee when offered after final payment. This was a paid upgrade from the originally booked Central Park double balcony. Room was assigned about two or three weeks later.

As an excuse to play with my Gear 360 more. I'll try and post some "INSIDER" exclusive 360 photos in the Facebook group. Too lazy to do the research and sign-up for an account with a host. If someone knows of a plugin for Piwigo I can post them to my gallery site.


Need to do a few last minute packing things before hitting the road late today for the drive to Port Canaveral. Now, where the heck did I put my circular polarizer.


Final sad tidbit: This more than likely will be my last time on Oasis for some time. With all the other cruises on my plate and the swap of Oasis for Harmony. It is what it is.

Being in the north part of Florida it is a pain in the rear to sail out of Ft. Lauderdale or Miami. It would be around an 8 hour drive and airfare out of Tallahassee is crazy. Then again just about all my upcoming cruises will be out of those two ports.


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Woohoo!  Another @CGTLH live blog!  

I once worked near TLH.  Small airport but super pricey,  JAX was way cheaper.  Not so convenient for flying to South FL though.  Personally I'd be happy with Harmony , any Oasis class or any ship being so close to me. 

As it is I have to fly no matter what ship.  The thought of living close to a cruise port:


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Darn Carnival people! They are dropping them off first.


Added @ 9:52: That was a fast drop off. Heading to Oasis now.

Added @ 9:58: In the line for drop off.

Added @ 10:08: Still waiting

10:22: Next to check in

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