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Aruba: Eagle or Palm Beach


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(I posted this question in our FB group but thought I'd repeat it here)

We will be in Aruba soon and will be taking a taxi to Eagle or Palm Beach.

Which one would be better for renting chairs/umbrella and snorkeling off the beach (we have our own snorkeling equipment)?


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We like Eagle Beach but the renting of chairs and umbrellas are expensive.  But we think its expensive at any beach you may go to.  We have learned though to bring our own collapsible soft sided ice chest and buy our drinks at the port...There is a CitGo gas station right outside the port.  We stop there and purchase our beverages and ice...Walk across the street and grab a cab to Eagle Beach.  Sorry but we haven't snorkeled there so can't be much help on that.

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1 hour ago, PatsFanBrian said:

Don’t rule out Baby Beach.  We enjoyed it last month.

I've heard great things about Baby Beach, but is it pretty far?

Following this thread, and also would like to throw Arashi into the mix as well if anyone has feedback. 

OP @baltodave ditto to the bus recommendation. Routes & schedules here: https://arubus.com/popular-destinations/

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we are big fans of palm beach. Nos Clubhuis by the Marriott is a great place for lunch and happy hour. Chairs and umbrellas are expensive but so is everything in Aruba. We stayed at the Marriott for a week and I could have gone on 3 cruises after buying groceries for a week in Aruba 😆

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