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I've been contemplating a massage lately and so the prices are very much in my mind. The cheapest massage with gratuities is $122 for a 50 minutes swedish massage. Couples massages start at just over $220 base price. Massages are definitely cheaper on day one, and they get progressively more expensive as the cruise continues. I have noticed that they are most expensive on sea days. Hope this helps! 

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@jefflavey...welcome to the boards and hope you have a great cruise.   Not sure which itinerary you are on, but if you are headed to Cabo on Navigator, there are some decent and professional massage places that cost a fraction of what you get on the ship.  

If a ship massage is what you want, best to prebook or visit the spa on the first day to get best rates. 

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They are a pricey as others stated.  Budget around $500-$600 for a couples massage depending on the length of time, services you want, etc...  My wife and I enjoy the couples massage and find it relaxing and it gives us a unique way to bond.  Generally, port days are a little cheaper than sea days.  Last time we did one was on Day 1 during the "Sail Away Party".  It was raining so the party was not what it normally is and the spa gave us a discount because it is not a popular time for massages.  Also, be warned that they will try to upsell you on spa products afterwards, and they are pricey too.

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