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Voom Internet multiple devices


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I was hoping someone would have an answer to this 

If I purchase Voom for myself and add an addition device, can my boyfriend's phone be the additional device or do I need to purchase Voom for both of us? 

I wasn't going to purchase an internet pack originally (mostly boyfriend doesn't want to spend unnecessary money, and I understand that) however, I tend to "nap" for an hour at night because he stays up later than me and I am worried I won't be able to contact him if he's off doing something and I meet up with him later on. I know the RC app one board lets you chat w/ people on your reservation but I was told that it does not send a notification when a message is received and I know he won't be checking it. 

Sorry for the long winded explanation


TLDR: can I buy one Voom package with 2 devices for myself & my boyfriend or do we both need a Voom package. Thanks

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13 minutes ago, KristiZ said:

Buy the single package of two devices. It doesn't matter what devices they are, just so long as you don't try to log in with more than two at a time.


12 minutes ago, fireclan said:

Yes, buy one package with 2 devices. Any 2 devices can be logged in at that same time - both yours, both his, one of yours and one of his, etc. Just select your name on the order page and select 2 devices. 

Thank you both for this information I really appreciate it 

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