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  1. Wishing for the 'good ole days' when all we worried about was Norovirus, those were the days.
  2. Hi again Whitsmom. We made it back from a 10 night on Freedom with no problems! Just had to do a couple of nose swabs for the back to backs - negative. Ship was about 20-40 percent capacity - smallest 1191 to 2609 largest - holds 4375. Masks were on and off (sorry about that) - most wore them some did not - was really not a big deal since we were outside mostly or eating/drinking. Really nothing to do ashore - mostly closed at Nassau. Stayed on the ship and just glad to be sailing again. Talk later, take care.
  3. Hello whitsmom! We are in Miami today, going out on Freedom tomorrow if all goes well. Vax done, Check-in complete, antigen test done and negative, health questions answered; now let's see if they'll let me onboard.
  4. I wish Everything was Cruise related. Can't give up hope!
  5. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/crown-anchor-society/program-updates Also got this last week in an email from the suite concierge: As we return to service, some benefits and services have changed. To follow new health protocols and better manage the flow of guests in terminals, the check-in process will be different. All guests will be required to select an arrival time in advance via the Royal Caribbean app. However, suite guests can enjoy Flexible Arrival — a new program allowing the freedom to check-in up to one hour before or after your scheduled check-in time while the terminal is open.
  6. I'm all for the chance at a RoyalUp. YOLO; go for it. The part I don't like is the "small print" in the terms. The terms and conditions of your original cruise booking will remain in effect following the acceptance of an Offer or if an Offer is not accepted. This includes terms and conditions pertaining to cancellation, penalties, changes, the Crown & Anchor® Society. Accepted offers will earn Crown & Anchor points at the original stateroom category purchased, and not the category of the upgraded stateroom. Upgrade does not include any additional promotions. If you purchase an Upgrade RCI cannot guarantee a specific cabin number assignment within the upgraded category. Your cabin number will depend on space availability. Underlined the unappealing parts for me. (Probably some more).
  7. As they say - small world. We more than likely crossed paths. Was there from 88-91.
  8. I spent 3 years in Okinawa, Kadena, while in the USAF. This one looks better than I ever saw before. Cheers!!
  9. Yep, sounds like it. I agree, I like it crispier too. Will try it again and check.
  10. Speaking of bacon (most everyone loves bacon), does Chops still serve that Black Pepper Bacon thing? Hope so, can't wait........... Fantastic Liveblog you're doing!
  11. Thanks Kayla disposable might be best. BTW we'll be on Jewell with you in Jan. We're from Lex flying from CVG.
  12. I really hate to start this topic, but thought I need some mask advice from current cruisers. It's the time we're living in. If we pass the C19 antigen test next Wed, we'll be cruising this time next Friday. I've done the "blue surgical type" - nah; the cloth type that pull on my ears and make me look like Dumbo - nah. I've seen the type with a lanyard that lets it hang around your neck - Maybe? But all of them seem to fog up my (sun)glasses. When I need to wear one, I finally decided on the pullover "gaiter" type which I can't lose and is always there if I have to pull it up. What type do you guys recommend for cruising? Does RCL advise one vs. another? I'll bet Royal has some logo masks for sale in the shops onboard -Haha.
  13. I'm a Newbie, so take it easy on me Smokey. This may be best for BrianB; but everyone chime in. Met a guy in the Diamond Lounge once (yes one of those stories) who said he only booked adjoining balconies for he and his wife. They sail solo and have the 150% supplement (not sure if D+ or Pinnacle). Said he liked the extra space - two baths, two balconies, etc. and that he got more points for doing it this way. Thoughts, pros, cons ?
  14. I think that's LaddIE. Just give me a nice 15 year Dewars and a Cohiba, and I'll be fine.
  15. Goin on Freedom 17 Sep for 10 nights. Small crowds are somewhat ok, but wondering what type venues are closing early??? Thanks for your post, take care.
  16. Good question and good decision; you won't be disappointed. I assume they choose the first night based on bookings, expectations, or their crystal ball. From my experience, once I've boarded, I go directly to the Specialty Restaurant I'd like eat on the first night to verify and make all of the dining reservations for the entire cruise right then and there. They have always accommodated. You may not get the exact time you want every night, but they will work to satisfy your wishes. If you have been assigned (or will be) a concierge or Genie, they can take care of getting you the reservations you want. Check with them as soon as possible. Good eats!!
  17. Over the years have seen a bunch of weird things. The German Shepherd security bomb sniffer who spent the cruise on the balcony next to ours after 9-11. The teenagers jumping off the aft of Grandeur docked at Cozumel. But the strangest (I guess most interesting) was the US Sub that made transit through the Gatun Locks beside us while in Panama on Brilliance.
  18. We have a B2B2B on Freedom this September. Have heard that we will need a COVID test after each leg of the cruise. Has anyone experienced this, and what is the process?
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