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Military discount


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We have been fortunate to get one for every cruise we’ve booked.  They are not always available, yes one day, no the next.  Amount goes up and down.  I book what I want and then check a couple times a week til I find it.  Our next cruise in October, it showed up maybe 2 months after I booked but it was $520!  

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ive checked the website that they offer it but they don't really want to advertise it publicly, and even the agents never ask or offer when you book it with Royal Caribbean. This is one of the issues they should work on cause it's confusing when the agents themselves will tell you different stories to tell you they could apply the military discount specially when you paid in full already. 

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I have used the search engine on Vacationstogo.com to filter out and show only those sailing that offer the specific discount I'm searching for.  The site clearly shows the price with and with out discount which is nice, because as mentioned, the discount varies in amount, if and when its applied.   The tool also can do the same for Interco, state resident, and EMT/EMS rates.  I can only recommend the search engine itself, not the agency, I use MEI for the booking travel


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