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Cocktail Inspiration- LIVE

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Hi All!

I’m currently on Ovation completing our Alaska sailing, which has been great! We now have 2 sea days before we head back to Seattle. I need some inspiration for some fruity/sweet cocktails. Please throw any recommendations you have my way! 😀

Extra points for off-menu drinks! 😉

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27 minutes ago, SpeedNoodles said:

Lavender daquiris or martinis are one of my faves.

Lava Flow with Kracken Rum.


What’s in a lava flow? I’ve just had a kraken colada which was really good!!

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So this is a bit of a PITA to make, but it was fun for me to make when it was slow and a customer wanted me to choose something to make,  Plus, the name is pretty funny.


Here's "Sex With an Alligator":



Another one that is sweet but not fruity is a "Screaming Orgasm".  I made these the night I met the man I married. 🙂

1 part vodka

1 part amaretto

1 part Bailey's

1 part Kahlua

Add all ingredients to a shaker with a lot of ice.  Shake vigorously and pour into a shot or rocks glass..


I am not a fan of sweet drinks, but I do like both of these.

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15 hours ago, Scoular said:

What’s in a lava flow?

It's a Pina Colada with strawberry puree running down through it (like lava). Similar to a Miami Vice but the strawberry comes from strawberry puree, not a strawberry daiquiri and not completely blended together.

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What about trying a "Dirty Girlscout?"  I hear it tastes like Mint & Chip Icecream?  I do not drink but it makes me giggle when I say it. 🙂   Sorry.  I keep asking the wife to order one because she likes Mint & Chip but she refuses.  hehehe.

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