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Masks in St. Martin

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For the foreseeable future, I’d recommend that you always have a mask. While municipalities may not have any requirements, individual locations may.  We were just in New York City and at some stores they required masks to enter.  Some places also asked for proof of vaccination, so you should probably carry that with you as well.


at the end of the day, it’s easier to have the mask or vaccine card and not use it than it is to track all the rules for whichever places you’re going to be visiting.  I suspect things will be more “normal” in 2023, but 2022 will probably be a transition year.


Good luck!

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In many places such as San Juan and St. Maarten the enforcement has dropped while the policy may still be in place.  In other places like St. Thomas last month they were still enforcing local policy to walk off the dock but they indicated it was to change the following week after my visit.  

I would suggest having some in case a particular venue requires them.  Where I went in St. Maarten didn't require them.  

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Many of the shops in St Thomas also required masks so it’s more than just coming & going in the port area.  We did witness a passenger being denied reentry in St Thomas because he didn’t have a mask.  Said no one stopped him when he got off the ship but security was adamant.  He was pretty irate but they wouldn’t budge.  He had to go buy one because they would not let him through.  As a PP said, take one just to be safe.  

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