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Canada poised to end pre-arrival COVID-19 testing for travellers

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Excellent news!!!

Canada is expected to announce an end to pre-arrival COVID-19 testing for vaccinated travellers, two federal government sources told Global News.


The requirement will be dropped by the end of March, the sources said. The formal announcement to the change could come as soon as Thursday.


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It would be great to end the testing requirement, for sure.  But, it is kinda too late for us.  We cruise on May 13, Ovation, Alaska and we received our test kits today that we purchased from Royal Caribbean's website.  So, if it is changed, we just wasted over 70 dollars.  Not complaining, I'm happy to waste that 70 bucks to get rid of ALL the COVID mandates/rules/edicts/whatevers from businesses and governments.  

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Okay, I now have a question about rapid testing.  It's really too late for us as we already purchased 2 of Royal Caribbean's suggested telehealth kits.  But, I was just thinking the if I/we screw one or both up, where're screwed.  So, I call our local urgent care facility, the only local facility that does rapid testing with immediate results, and ask about their rapid testing.  Their answers to my questions were, "we do molecular rapid testing but we also do PCR testing that takes at least 3 days for the results as they are sent out".  So, my question to those that have medical knowledge in this area, RCCL says, "

  • A molecular test, also called a PCR test or NAAT test – our testing requirements call this a “PCR test”.  I think, "our testing requirements call this a PCR test" actually answers my basic question.  But, I just want assurances.  I'm probably over reacting. 

If my local testing facility calls this just a molecular test and say that a PCR test is something else, am I safe with the molecular test, just in case we, somehow, screw up the telehealth test(s).  We are 70+ and frequently make mistakes or misunderstand things.  If we screw up the telehealth tests, we can walk in to the urgent care facility and get tested and have the results in less than an hour and the documentation is electronically produced.  



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