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What's your favourite top 5 restaurants on board past and present

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Thought it would be good to see what your all time top 5 restaurants are past and present and maybe over time we might see an overall clear favourite.


As we only cruised with RC for the first time last year we can only list our choice from the Independence but that will change over time as we sail on more ships.


1) Chops Grille

2) Giovanni's Table

3) Windjammer

4) MDR

5) Johnny Rockets 



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  1. Samba Grill
  2. Izumi
  3. Chops Grille
  4. Portofino (so sad to see it disappearing)
  5. Johnny Rockets or Windjammer (I can't decide which between these two)

The main dining room doesn't show up on my top 5 list because I'm not a fan of the updated menus. Service is great, but the food choices disappoint me.

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MDR - I've not yet tried any of the restaurants.  I thought about it for our last cruise, the Chef's Table I think it was called (the Celeb chef's place on Oasis), but my wife didn't like the menu so we passed.


<edit>I take that back, I was just thinking about the more upscale places.  We have eaten at Johnny Rockets (I don't see what the big deal is with them but the wife and kids like it so there we are), the Crab Shack on Oasis, and that little outdoor place on Radiance (soooo many years ago).</edit>

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Johnny Rockets

Café Promenade


Never really had a bad experience in the MDR, Windjammer is always a good backup plan, loved out first Chops experience a few years ago but its gone downhill every time since then, Johnny Rockets is the best burger on board, don't go often but its good when we do, Café Promenade with the sandwiches and snacks is a good light meal option.

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It's been nearly 10 years since my last RCI cruise, but it have two upcoming and am looking most forward to trying:


1) Chops Grille

2) Giovanni's Table

3) Portofino

4) Seaview Cafe

5) Izumi


I've also heard amazing things about the roast beef sandwiches at Park Cafe, so I'll need to try those, too.

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For $10 per person you can have a delightful breakfast at Chops

We saw it on the compass and walked right in, I believe it was offered 3 times on our 9 day cruise

There was an all you can eat buffet that included

Jumbo shrimp (the same ones you get at a chops dinner)

Lox, bagels, cream cheese

Assorted Fresh fruit

Assorted cheese

Plus other pastries cereals etc

Also include is a steak & eggs breakfast, I had mine with s custom omelet plus Fresh squeeze oj

Plus one drink (bloody Mary or mimosa)

Well worth it

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