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  1. Venice is almost four hours from Rome by train, I would say that rules it out. It's a city that (as you can see above, evokes different reactions). My wife had been in Venice before and hated it. It was smelly, overbearing, crowded, and dirty in her view. I'd not been there until we spent three days in Venice before a Rhapsody cruise last year, and she loved it! I think the big difference is we were there together in late October, she was previously there in mid July! I think Venice needs two days minimum, as do Florence and Rome. Obviously, living in Ireland, Italy is more accessible to us, and we've been there a few times. My personal view is stay in Rome.
  2. We might see you Pamela, we're hovering between Jewel out of Civitivecchia and Rhapsody out of Venice next year! Rhapsody is winning at the moment, shorter, but a great itinerary and it would put me on Santorini for my birthday!
  3. Delighted to find this. On the verge of booking Rhapsody for May next year, and 7588 is available at a very tempting price. Great itinerary too, with both Dubrovnik and Kotor.
  4. On Anthem at the moment, most people don't have Wow Bands, and staff seem to hate them, particularly in bars and at the pool deck (yes Anthem, in Canada and New England, is still insisting on checking towels in and out.
  5. Just docked in St John New Brunswick this morning, and as I walked the deck at stupid o'clock, I was listening to the Anthem Royal Suites podcast. I then hit the gym, clicked on Abe's morning show, and as I watched, he did the phone call to the captain routine, no more than 10 minutes after I heard it discussed on the podcast! Review to follow next week, but right now, we're off for a stroll to Fort Howe.
  6. I concur with the comments on Orient Beach, we did a similar itinerary on Jewel late last year, here's a link to my review http://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php/topic/1262-jewel-of-the-seas-review/?hl=jewel
  7. Friday - Jasmine Menu (Formal)
  8. Wednesdsay - Portobello Menu
  9. For my encore - The Compasses!!!!! I'll post all four pages for the first few days, after that, the dining tines etc. are identical. The second formal night was Friday BTW Sunday -
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