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Royal Caribbean Promises to get you home if tested? Even by private Jet? can anybody validate this?

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I took this from their own web site:   "

We'll Get You Home

If you or a member of your traveling party tests positive for COVID-19 during your cruise, we'll take care of things so you can focus on getting better. Costs related to onboard medical care and your travel home — even a private jet, if needed — are on us.*

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Story Highlights:

  • A Connecticut couple spent the last three nights of the cruise in isolation in the bowels of Royal Caribbean’s newest ship, Odyssey of the Seas.
  • Even with strict cruise line protocols, the CDC rates cruising a level 3, its second-highest level.
  • The couple was flown home by private jet for free as is Royal Caribbean's COVID policy.


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SEE BELOW ….. If you test positive at the terminal, the first bullet point ONLY says they’ll refund your entire party.  The second 2 bullet points, are obviously ONLY for people who actually made it onto the cruise before testing positive.

‘So the answer is NO, they will not pay to get you home or pay for anything else if you test positive at the terminal.  Your party will be refunded and that’s it.

‘Also, even though they have disembarked people who tested positive before and flown them home on a private jet ….. in the last couple weeks, all the stories coming out seem to sound like now they’re “quarantining” all the positives on the ship until the end of the cruise and then paying to quarantine them for the rest of the time somewhere back in the port city after the cruise.  It doesn’t sound like anybody is being disembarked and flown home by private jet anymore.  Probably because when there are cases on a ship the last few weeks, it’s been well into the double digits.  I’m guessing they then just get you a regular flight home after you quarantine back at the original port you left from.



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