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Finally Emerald, in suite amenity?


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This morning I was awarded my newest Crown and Anchor points taking me to Emerald. I had to call because while my account was correct Mr Cabash and daughters were not. 

Now I contacted @Sharlaabout checking for any new discounts due to this change but I am confused about the welcome amenity, do you choose something? Where do you do this? Do they just give you something random?  

Thanks everyone!

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42 minutes ago, SpeedNoodles said:

Huh.  I just turned Emerald, but I'm not sure that making a phone call is worth it just to get a can of soda, lol.

Also "must be added 10 days prior to sailing".  Does that mean "at least 10 days" or "no more than 10 days"?

Funny I thought the same thing,  not calling for that soda either. I am hoping to at least get some price decreases for my upcoming sailings though. I know @Sharlais on it so even if it's $100.00 I'll take it. One of my sailings is an FCC paid for lift and shift from previous global cancelations I'm hoping maybe to get an OBC for that one. 

Finally Diamond is in my sight!

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We reached Emerald level right before Covid.  We just completed our first post covid cruise so with the double points, we are halfway to Diamond level.  I wasn't aware of any Emerald amenity and didn't ask.  There were a couple bottles of water in the stateroom on our recent cruise so perhaps that was our amenity!

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