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First RC cruise tips and recommendations please


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Perfect Day is great.  Try to see if other ships in port. https://www.cruisemapper.com/ports/coco-cay-port-392
even at reduced capacity it should be great.

you can opt to do the water park, purchase in cruise planner.-look for sale. your drink package is good on CoCoCay.  The snack shack has an amazing chicken sandwich.  Good is included on the island unless specified.  

cruise planner purchases can be done now and then if you find a better sale you can cancel the item and repurchase at a lower price.  

if you decide you like Royal cruise you can book your next one online and you’ll usually get an on board credit (OBC)

book entertainment when you get onboard and also complete the muster station safety drill, it’s in the royal app, click on safety.

I’ve not been on this ship so I can’t give ship specific advice


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First off, welcome to the land of the living. You will not go back to Circus.

We went on Freedom just before the upgrade and it was still a wonderful ship.

I hope you have a wonderful time. 

To me the Promenade is what makes it on RC and it just goes up from there.

I hope you come back with your impressions afterwards.

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I cruised Carnival a bunch before finding Royal.  On my first Royal cruise I was constantly comparing it... "That's not what Carnival does" sort of thing.   I learned to let go of my preconceived notions formed in my head by Carnival and opened my mind.  

The best advice is board the ship like you've never cruised before.  Go with the way Royal does things rather than comparing everything in the moment.  Once it's over you can compare the overall experience to see which you like better.  

Go to all the shows.  Try the main dining room.  Enjoy the pool deck and top deck activities.  

Hoping things are more back to normal 55 days from now but bear in mind reduced guest numbers and protocols were not the normal Royal experience before the pandemic.  

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