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A "STAR" is Born- First Timers in Star Class- Oasis of the Seas October 10, 2021


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Hey all! We are first timers in a lot of areas- first time live blogging, first time cruising all together as a family, first cruise post-shutdown, first cruise suite experience...

But most importantly- first time in STAR CLASS!

In six days, our little family of three will experience more luxury than we ever have on a cruise, and we're so excited!

Who is traveling?

  • Steph (me!): Mom and wife. I've been on 6 cruises prior to this one.
  • Tom: Dad and hubby. This will be his second cruise (previous cruise was Canada/New England on Adventure in July 2019)
  • TJ: Almost 10 y/o. This will be his second cruise (previous cruise was Mexico/Belize on Rhapsody in April 2018)

About this sailing:

  • We depart Sunday, October 10, 2021 on the beautiful Oasis of the Seas out of Bayonne, NJ!
  • We're staying in Star Loft Suite 1720 with Royal Genie Shane!
  • We'll be driving up from home the day before and spending the night in Elizabeth, NJ
  • We'll park at the cruise port
  • And we'll be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary and Tom's 50th birthday!

Stay tuned for our updates! And I will be happy to answer any questions about our onboard experience :-)


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Omg 1720 is the suite we will be getting married in next month! I picked it SPECIFICALLY for the fabulous giant balcony! Also we requested Shane and we are also in 1720 so this makes me even happier that we may get our wish! Please post lots of pics and deets! So excited to follow! 

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On 10/4/2021 at 9:41 PM, Drewtastic86 said:

Following!!! Have a great time preparing for your first Star Class cruise!!! My husband and I are going on our first Star Class cruise in February! We are also leaving out of Bayonne!!! Cannot wait to see your amazing experience come to reality!!!! Happy Blogging!

Thank you! I bet February out of Bayonne will be amazing! And I am really concerned that I will fall in love with SC and try to book it for every future sailing we take 🤣

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On 10/4/2021 at 10:02 PM, MamaShark said:

@theroyalthornes a big welcome to your first Star Class experience.  Prepare for special treatment and an addiction for cruising Star Class again and again!  Looking forward to watching your “firsts” unfold. Go hungry; leave happy… lol! Bon Voyage! 

Thank you!!!! Ok, I am so excited, I don’t know what to do. I think I’m going to get ruined from cruising any other way.

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On 10/4/2021 at 10:34 PM, Rags1 said:

You’ll love 1720!  Awesome room. Looking forward to following your trip. 

Thank you so much!

On 10/5/2021 at 2:27 AM, Booscruize said:

Omg 1720 is the suite we will be getting married in next month! I picked it SPECIFICALLY for the fabulous giant balcony! Also we requested Shane and we are also in 1720 so this makes me even happier that we may get our wish! Please post lots of pics and deets! So excited to follow! 

Congratulations! OMG I can just imagine your wedding on the huge balcony 😍 I can’t wait to share room info and all the fun things Shane will plan!

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Embarkation Day was awesome! Spoiler alert: I already don’t know how we are going to sail any other way 😍

We arrived to the port at 10:45am and there was already a long line of guests waiting for the port to open at 11. We pulled up to the star class flag (Zone 6) and another Genie waved us to drop off our bags to the Star Class porter. The other Genie immediately said, “don’t worry, Shane is right behind me.” And sure enough, we met Shane right outside the port doors! 


Right at 11am, we were escorted into the port with the other Star Class families. There was one other Star family with children that needed to be tested at the port, so we went in one line and the other families headed to the other.

Port testing was easy! They checked our negative tests, vaxxed cards, and IDs, then sent TJ off to get a little swirl in each nostril (no worries, it wasn’t the brain tickler 😉).

After that, we did the normal check in process- made sure our photos were good (I forgot to upload one for hubby, ooops!). We showed our vaxxed cards again, as well as ID, and once hubby took a pic, they escorted us to a section to wait for our results, via e-mail. The results arrived in about 50 minutes and we were ready to go!

We have been communicating with Royal Genie Shane via WhatsApp for about two weeks prior to embarkation day, so we were able to text him that our results were in, and he met us to escort us on the ship! (They asked for our vax cards a third time, as well as our negative tests from 2/3 days ago, and TJ’s negative test from the port). 


And just like that, after 800+ days since our last cruise, we were back on a ship!!!


Ok, I’m heading to 150 Central Park for formal nigh dinner tonight! When I get back, let me tell you about this MAGNIFICENT Star Loft Suite! 😍


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Well, I’m sad to say two things:

1. We are off the ship and in the car headed home.

2. I failed miserably at live blogging 🤦🏽‍♀️

This week has been INCREDIBLE! If you’re booked in Star Class (or even just on the Oasis) and you’re reading this because you’re excited about your upcoming sailing, I am here to tell you, you’re going to have the TIME  OF YOUR LIFE! If my excited ramblings are too long to read, please let that be your takeaway from reading our experience. 


Alright, so I left off on embarkation day where the amazing Genie Shane escorted us onto the ship and directly to our suite (two hours before the cabins were supposed to open! ⭐️)

We entered the Loft Suites section on deck 17 and walked down the widest cruise hallway I’ve ever seen. At the end of the hall, right in the corner… there was our door! 1720!!! Shane and his team had decorated our door for us!


We walked inside to embarkation day surprises! Anniversary decorations and a custom cake! Plus flowers in a vase and a beautiful card from Shane to celebrate the 6th wedding anniversary we missed during quarantine. 





I will give you fair warning that I have read from other fabulous star class experts on this forum that 1718’s upstairs is bigger, but there is no comparison for how amazing 1720’s living room and balcony are!






This view of the ship from the bedroom is amazing! I didn’t realize there was another window right next to the bed. At sea, you get a gorgeous view of the wake 😍


And now, for this balcony! It was cloudy and drizzling when we arrived in Cape Liberty, so I’m mixing in some debarkation photos as well so you can see the gorgeous view from all sides.






I loved that there were two doors to get out to the balcony as well. The standard sliding balcony doors were perfect for entertaining and moving in and out during the day. But I loved the single door directly under the bedroom behind the dining table for a quick shortcut onto the balcony in the morning. 

I also think you’ll get some cool photos if you’re having a party on the balcony by standing inside the bedroom and looking down from the window. 

I hope our few snapshots help you visualize the setup for 1720, since I mostly only found 1718 online. 

I’ll be back in a bit to up on the rest of the cruise shortly. It’s my turn to drive 😜




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