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Royal Caribbean assisting in St Vincent volcano evacuations

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I've been watching all evening, looked like Serenade was being sent in that direction but it said she was going to "BGI" what ever that means, but then she stopped and went south.  Now she's just hanging out.  I think she may be there "just in case".  The Celebrity Millennium had St. Vincent as it's destination.  Silhouette still says Barbados, but she is clearly heading that way.  I think it's to be prepared for the mass evacuation.  The ferries have been shuttling people for a few hours. 

3 hours ago, smokeybandit said:

In another "thank you CDC" moment, RC will only allow evacuees on board who have been vaccinated.



Unfortunately the article says that Barbados & St. Lucia will only take them vaccinated as well.  I did read a tweet that vaccinations are being provided, but honestly where they are coming from, I have no idea.  Twitter is spotty with details tonight.  

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This is really embarrassing by the CDC.


People whose homes are covered in ash or maybe hit by flying lava balls were advised not to seek refuge on a cruise ship while still using their Diamond Princess logic.


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Honestly, the CDC has simply lost all credibility with me. I'm absolutely convinced that it is the best interests of the CDC and the Biden administration to continue the negative messaging that characterizes most of what they are putting out there these days. It is intended to change human behavior in the face of SARS2. It's not working.

I'm watching rather gleefully that facts on the ground, the US economy, the declining disease burden as measured by hospitalizations and deaths, what appears to be a county by county decline in % positivity commensurate with the level of vaccine roll-outs - there are exceptions but as has been predicted these are regional and reflective of a shift from a pandemic to an epidemic (regions) - states removing mitigation measures and more and more people going about their daily lives. All of this and more belies the CDC's (and the Biden administration's) negative narrative augmented by the media..  

Admittedly the US economy is booming due to Fed stimulus. I consider this good. Most should. The bottom line is that the CDC and it's faces, Walenski and Fauci, appear to be becoming irrelevant. Some one needs to get in Joe Biden's ear. He could become a hero by changing the administrations tone ...... get vaccinated and things will improve as quickly as we can make them improve and that depends on you getting vaccinated. He could signal that change by canceling the NSO and CSO and using the cruise lines as shining examples of how to layer mitigation measures, including the requirement to get vaccinated if you want to board one of their ships, making them THE singular safest place to be to gather with friends

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