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The pattern is every other week the prices flip flop. We base our excursions on these every other dates and so far they have been true to form. We do keep checking to make sure there is not a lower price that sneaks in. So far we have some great prices on our different stops. Just wish they would do that on the dining packages, they do not seem to budge on those prices much although their banners extol 20% and 30% off shipboard prices when the prices do not change.

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2 hours ago, Leroyr55 said:

Crazy prices going on. I made some purchases when the sail was on for our hopefully May cruise on SOS. I just looked at the beach club price it went up to $150.00 per person. I purchased it for $43.00 per person. I really wonder sometimes who’s fingers are on the keyboard at Royal. 

Maybe they reduced maximum capacity for mitigation purposes and that sent the algorithm all in a tizzy?  Just a guess.  Also possible that a particularly distractive squirrel ran by an intern's window...

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14 minutes ago, Sofla mermaid said:

We also bought tickets to the beach club for $43.00.  They just had the deluxe beverage package on sale for an advertised 50% off, for $42.00/day.  That is not 50% off, as it's normally $62-$67/day.  I don't know who does their calculations!

The usually say some percentage off onboard prices, which with the one data point I have to go with was definitely $80+

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