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Port Everglades to get several improvements

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For those who don't subscribe to @monorailmedic's Cruise Habit RSS feed or regularly read his site, there was an interesting bit of news today about Port Everglades. The port will be getting some road / traffic improvements to ease congestion, there are firm plans to construct an automated people mover for transport between Port Everglades and FLL airport, and there may be some LNG-related infrastructure being built.


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1 hour ago, bobroo said:

Sadly, no mention of the most economical people mover: a zipline between FLL and Port Everglades. :0(

It's the luggage that really gets in the way of this.  You know, parents have kids carrying their small suitcases, they let go of the handle, it hits terminal velocity as it barrels toward the ground...  Alright, clearly safety-nets are the answer here.

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