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Ahhh man its coming down to the wire......refunds and prime cruises


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We will be very luck to get back to cruising before Christmas...we’ve got one for November and next March and I don’t see us going on any..??‍♂️ Which port wants a ship full of people from all corners of the globe..? until there’s a vaccine no traveling..?

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1 hour ago, dodgestang said:

9 days till my final payment is due for an August 2 cruise......

Impatiently waiting/worrying about my Prime 2020 free cruise and the FCC for my cancelled April cruise..........I wonder if either one of them will show up before it is too late per RCL policy to use on this cruise.

I read, on the "other" site, that this year's Prime certificates won't even be posted until some time in May.  I guess that's kinda obvious, as this month is nearly over. Just not sure WHEN in May they will be posted. I booked my 2020-2021 Prime cruises months and months ago...and will "convert" those to the Prime comp cruises once the certificates are posted.  I understand your problem, though...your final payment date is coming up soon.  Mine aren't until September and December, respectively.   If it were me, I would probably contact Club Royale and see if they will delay your final payment date so that you can use your CR casino comp certificate on it, once it's published.  I know that, in the past, they allowed you to apply an FCC to a fully paid cruise (meaning, that you could apply your cancelled cruise FCC to your casino comp cruise even after it is fully paid) but I have also heard conflicting accounts as to whether they are still allowing that.  I guess I would just try and get those 2 details clarified ASAP.  Have you talked to them yet ?

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