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19 hours ago, Rose City Cruiser said:

No irons are allowed or supplied in the staterooms.  They do offer press service onboard for a fee.  Some members here bring Downy wrinkle releaser.

Thanks so much.  I seemed to remember no iron last time we cruised but went completely braindead when packing this time.  Great idea on the downy wrinkle releaser.  Only packing a few things that might need touching up:)

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5 hours ago, whenismynextcruise said:

No steamers allowed either just in case you were thinking of alternatives. Besides the wrinkle releasers someone here has mentioned something about using a flat iron (hair straightener thing) as a plausible alternative. I have no experience with that myself. Maybe someone can chime in here for you.

Thanks, I was thinking steamer.  Flat iron idea is interesting but I too don't have any experience with them and I'm afraid I'd scorch something and be out of luck:)  Thanks again.

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A bit of a funny story regarding irons (at least it was funny for my wife).  Not suggesting anything here but wanted to share as you might get a kick out of it.

We have been cruising now for over 20 years and back when we started we use to pack a travel iron.  It was nice and compact while doing a pretty good job in getting most of the travel wrinkles out.  As the years passed (and several cruises as well), Royal became more vocal on the prohibition of those type of devices.  At the time we did not really have an appreciation for the risk associated with them on a ship but rather figured they just wanted to sell more services. 

We are not the type to really break any rules but are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  We were going on our cruise and packed our garment bag at the time as we always did.  We arrived at the ship and dropped off the bags with the luggage valet (as everyone always does), and proceeded to the ship.  We spent the day as we usually do and went to the room to get ready for dinner.  Everything was going as it always did and we were in the relax mode already.  All was good until we looked for the bags in the hall and noticed that the garment bag was not there.

Since we were sailing and it was well past the time to get bags to the rooms i elected to call guest services to inquire.  Guest services then transferred me to security.  Security got on the phone and said they had my bag and I needed to go down to deck 2 and see them.  No real explanation so I now start to grow concerned.  I tell my wife and off I go.

When I get to security and tell them who I am they bring my bag over.  I immediately indicate it is my bag and was relieved it was there.  The security guard then asks me if I have any contraband.  What?  My mind is racing and I'm thinking someone stuck drugs in my bag or something and this is it for me.  I responded with a very firm no, and thinking the worst, I then looked around to see if there were any gloves nearby.  I was happy to see there were none.  They asked me again if I had contraband and I said no, you can look if you want. They quickly open the bag (as if they already knew what was there and where it was), and pulled out the travel iron.  I immediately tell them what it is and feel relieved that it was not what I feared.  They proceed to educate me politely, retain the iron for the remainder of the cruise, and give me my bag.  What a story to tell my wife.

The following year we cruise again and low and behold it happened again.  What is this woman doing to me?  She just was in the habit of storing the travel iron in the bag and forgot to remove it.  At that point I told the cruise to throw it out!  Happy to report we are now about a decade free of contraband searches and I'm still married to my lovely bride :-)

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On 8/18/2019 at 1:35 PM, Finally Retired said:

  Flat iron idea is interesting but I too don't have any experience with them and I'm afraid I'd scorch something and be out of luck:)

I have short hair and only own a flat iron for cruising.  I purchased one for 15 bucks.  You will not scorch anything if you think of it like an iron.  You are not leaving it on any area for minutes.  You just take it down slowly across the garment.  

Everyone talks about Downy release.  I purchase it for every cruise (we cruise about every 9 mos)  I have never ever used it on 1 cruise.  I would also suggest make sure if you do take it with you to place it in a ziplock baggie like you would with any of your liquid toiletries.  The suitcases are man handled just like an airport, if you don't you are risking leakage.

Than again,  for my husband, I take his dress shirts for formal nights to the dry cleaner prior to sailing.  I ask for heavy starch.  I keep it in the plastic bag from the cleaners.  Never had any wrinkles.  The majority of his clothing is from Jos. A. Bank (travelers collection).  The travelers collection is considered wrinkle resistant.  They sell not only shirts, but pants too.  On embarkation day he hangs them up in the closet.  The a.m. he plans to wear them, he puts them on the rack in the bathroom.  We both take showers, and VOILA even if there were some wrinkles in the pants or shirt they are gone due to the steam in the shower.

For me,  I only travel with my Chico's clothing.  Chico's is just like Jos. A. Bank, but for women. They have what is called a travelers collection.  You could roll it up in a ball throw it in the back of your closet for 6 months, and when you take it out, it there will be no wrinkles.  Chico's can be expensive, but you can find great deals on clearance.  

For my formal nights I typically will wear a dress with a lace overlay.  Lace won't wrinkle.  I typically will wear shorts during the day and dresses at night.  I buy with the thought of not wrinkling and if it will require me to pack more shoes.   

Hope that helps when it comes to your decision of what to pack.  


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In all honesty you are on vacation and who cares about a silly wrinkle.  Besides if you get stuff pressed its a matter of minutes before the wrinkles are going to reappear anyways.  And the chances of seeing any of these people ever again are about the same odds as winning the lottery.  

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