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Don Hudspeth

Nassau - I don't want to beat to death - sorry!

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I did search back a few pages I promise!

Allure diverted and screwed up our itinerary. (Like a lot of folks! LOL) So we're headed to Nassau.

Just my wife and I ... looking for a nice beach to spend some time on...a drink or two and maybe restaurants nearby.  She likes to shop.

Not a fan of taxi's if I can avoid it.. don't mind walking if it's safe. I'm 60 so water parks not really my thing! 

Any Recommendations? I'm really open for anything you enjoyed.   If it's a casual way to spend the day and no hassle... I'm in!

I'm not that rich so Atlantis kinda scares me... LOL!



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You won't find many beatings on this message board.  Nice people here. 😊

Nearby the British Colonial you'll also find the Straw Market, which is fun to walk through, there's a (free??) beach called Junkanoo Beach (but I've never been) and a little further down is the Jetline Simulator.  One of the coolest and most unique things to do in Nassau.   All within easy walking of the ship along the same strip.

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