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Super Cheap Deluxe Drink Package price

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I think everyone knew this was a pricing mistake from the moment it was spotted, especially if you have been following drink package prices. I bought it at the $18/day rate for a couple sailings

I just noticed for my sailing it's usually 75.81 CAD a day and it was just posted for 23.94 a day (so we booked it). Will RC honour this if it was some sort of error on their end?  Has anyone ever enc

Looks like they're honoring the drink package! I'm so happy I shared it and a lot of people got one heck of a deal! Cheers everyone!

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Wow totally unexpected, I went and bought ours knowing this might be canceled. However, for those who got the deal tip your bartenders well! They deserve it so much and their paychecks depend on us! 😊👍🏻🎉🇺🇸🎊❤️💙 Happy 4th of July! Honeymoon 2020 is going to be that much more amazing. RCC seriously gained a fan for life with this one! 

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8 minutes ago, Fairlynew said:

I am gold and still have not gotten it.  I wonder if they are sending by ship or by sail date?  It is in my cruise planner and i have a screen shot saved, just in case.

We have a May sailing and a December sailing, and got one letter.  The letter specified $18 in it, and for our May sailing we paid $16.36...so not exactly sure if the letter covers both or just December.  Others have reported only receiving one letter even with multiple sailings.  We're Diamond...but I doubt it matters. 

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57 minutes ago, BunnyHutt said:

Received the email for our holiday 2020 sailing a couple of hours ago. 🙂

So do we think this means that the deal on the soda + Voom will stand, as well? I think my kids will be more than willing to trade in their daily Frappuccino for WiFi. 😝

I'm wondering about this as well.  I didn't get the drink package but I had picked up the soda & voom for my son.

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1 hour ago, IRMO12HD said:

No email for me yet either -- but it has never stopped showing in My Orders in Cruise Planner, and I still have the confirmation email from when I purchased it in the Amazing Booze Race :-).

Did you book directly with Royal or through a TA?  Some people have found the email went to their TA.

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Hey @Richard Huntington! Fancy meeting you here! :12_slight_smile:

After my husband got the news that we're getting that fantastic discount, he figured out how much we'd be saving over our cruises next year. With four weeks of sailing, and assuming we could've gotten the drink package for just $50/day, the net savings is a bit over $2,000.

He then started calculating just how many carats that'd buy. :4_joy:

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