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How to get a group (14) together for dinner

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@FManke beat me to it but yes, that is the one.  Also, it's a good idea to head to the MDR once you get on board to double check and make sure that they honoured your request.  If you are in a suite, you can also make this request to the suite concierge when they email you one week out.

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3 hours ago, Douglas said:

I am a newbie.  We are a group of 14 and we want 2 tables 7 & 7 at 5:30 MDR.   Can I request that before the cruise?  I have seen some posts suggest I go to MDR before Muster drill and set this up.  Is that how it is done?  Thanks for helping a new guy out.

If you get in the habit of using a travel agent, this is one of the things they will do for you --request dining times and type of table when you initially book your cruise.  There is sometimes a waiting list for 1st or 2nd seating, but a good agent keeps after RCI until you get the best reservation available.  Then when you get on the ship, your Sea Pass will show you your table number, and you can scope it out before dinner.

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1 minute ago, KJones said:

FYI, you may get split into two tables. Our group of 15 had to divide ourselves into 2 tables. They were next to each other and we just filled in as we arrived each night, despite seapass cards formally listing which table we were supposed to sit at

That would be great actually!  Thanks!

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I was on Oasis two years ago with a group of 14.  They arranged 4 rectangular tables, end-to-end, with 7 on each side.  We had our own dedicated server and assistant for our table alone.  It worked out very well.

I also just got off of Harmony the end of May with a group of 11.  Similar solution...  They arranged three tables end-to-end, with 6 on each side.  We also had a dedicated server and assistant.  This also worked out very well, with no issues whatsoever.

In both cases, I simply had the reservations all linked together for dining pre-cruise.  I did visit the MDR shortly after boarding, and verified the table location and arrangement.  We requested early seating for both cruises.

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