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  1. I was just informed my son, type 1, and my father, who has a heart issue, would not be allowed on board (June 20th, 2020 sailing date) per CDC restrictions. We were issued a 125% credit with RCCL. According to travel agent, this credit is non-transferable, even in the event my father passes before they lift the restriction. i was a big RCCL fan right up until today. I understand their policy to not let them on the ship, but I do not agree with their policy on the refund. It is like getting credit to a store but you are not allowed to shop there. One member of our party is leaving on
  2. I am a newbie. We are a group of 14 and we want 2 tables 7 & 7 at 5:30 MDR. Can I request that before the cruise? I have seen some posts suggest I go to MDR before Muster drill and set this up. Is that how it is done? Thanks for helping a new guy out.
  3. I have several cabins on Liberty of the sea. Daughter (17) is booked with me in an inside cabin. My wife is with my daughter;s best friend (18) across the hall and 3 doors down in an ocean view. My Daughter is next door to adult family on both sides. All this proximity and family is not enough for RCCL to put the girls together officially going through the front door. I have read several posts that are 2-3+ years old advising me to just get extra keys, exchange them, and trade places. Has someone done this recently? Or are the staff on the ship more flexible?
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