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I saw something new in the dining section during my practically daily Cruise Planner stalking and thought I'd post about it here. It's a new package that is for Chops along with any other specialty dining restaurant. I see it in both my Nov Grandeur sailing and May 2020 Harmony one. The below screencap is from Harmony, but Grandeur has pricing at $59 pp. It looks like they would make you dine at Chops on night 1 and then you can pick any other night for the other restaurant. I wonder if this is a follow up to reports of Chops being excluded from packages on certain ships (Allure being the one I hear mentioned most often). Also I just noticed this in the terms and conditions "Second dinner of package may not be redeemed in Chops Grille. "



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Can confirm, BOGO was removed from my cruise planner and Chops+1 took its place at $25 more per person.

Which kinda sucks, because I was thinking about jumping on BOGO with Chops and something else, just the caveat of having to use them both on day 1 and 2 is what stopped me.  I guess the fact that Chops+1 lets you pick your first day as day 1 or 2 and the 2nd dinner can be any other day of the cruise is pretty appealing, however.

I might end up doing it anyway, but they are going to have to offer a slight price drop first.

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Be warned RC does a huge rip off with this package.  We bought the package on-board for $49/person for 4 people.  We were CHARGED for an additional $235 at Chops when we dined there!  When I questioned the charge they said it was because we had 8 people dine at Izumi so used up the 8 meals.  This is a TOTAL LIE.  We had 6 people at the table, 1 was the child that is supposed to be free.  The other person was there just to socialize and had a few drinks that we paid for separately.  I've been fighting this charge for 2 weeks now and they still won't fix it!!!

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