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Allure of the Seas--Star Class April 14, 2019

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I have so enjoyed reading other live blogs in the weeks leading up to our trip in April, that I committed to reporting our trip that starts April 14.  

My husband, son (13), and I have booked what is called a "Grand Panoramic Suite" (category "OP") on Deck 17.  We cannot wait to see it in person!

A bit about us . . . we love to travel, but my husband and I have different ideas about what constitutes a "vacation."  He loves hiking, climbing, diving (SCUBA), and camping.  He also loves exploring ruins (anything really, really old).  I, on the other hand, enjoy cruises.  So, we compromise.  I camp and hike with him, and he cruises with me.  But, I do try to select active cruises with many ports where we can do things he enjoys.  Thus, on our upcoming cruise, we are visiting ports where we can dive and explore ruins.  A perfect compromise in my humble opinion!

We have cruised with Star Class previously.  We took an Eastern Caribbean cruise on Harmony in a Star Loft suit with son and nephew (12, 10), and a Western Caribbean cruise with five people (adult son, DIL, son, and husband)  in an A2 on the Allure.  Our prior genies were Aracelli and Charlie Stoll (they were both awesome)!! 

I have completed our initial questionnaire that we received several weeks ago.  I'm not much into the "who would you want to dine with" genre of questions and tend to leave those blank.  I do, however, answer the questions about our habits, food likes and dislikes, etc.   We received a specific email from the genie for this trip about three weeks prior to the cruise date.  For this trip, I decided to provide as much information as I could about the three of us and what kinds of things we like (and what we do not).  I have no idea if it will be helpful, but I figured that if someone is trying to get to know a family, as much information as possible is best.  We will see!

I am going to do my best to attach photos.  If anyone has anything in particular they are interested in seeing, let me know.  We plan to eat at least once in each of the specialty restaurants, see each of the shows, and get off the ship each day.  I always plan activities not through the ship (I use and love Tripadvisor).  I have planned the following:

Nassau -- Aquaventure (my son loves the place)

Cozumel -- Morning dive and then the beach (I haven't yet selected a beach club, and suggestions would be welcome!)

Roatan -- Diving (and, if we can fit it in, a visit with a sloth)

Costa Maya -- Morning visit to ruins and diving in the afternoon (ambitions, I know)

Well, that is it for now.  I'm happy to answer any questions on our past experiences or comparing Disney ships to RC.  While our kids were under 10, we preferred Disney because of the kid-friendly shows, activities, and clubs.  As pre-teens, and teens, they far prefer the RC ships.




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We had Charlie last year.  He is wonderful.  Tell him Dan and a Raye say “hello”. I know that John and Jaye also had Charlie as their Genie a number of weeks ago.

We will be sailing in a GPS on Oasis in December ( I hope !).  Please post lots of pix so that we can see what we have to look forward to !  It seems as if the balcony on these suites is a bit narrow but I guess we’ll survive !

I also ignore those silly questions on the initial SC questionnaire. 

Wow you only have 10 days to go !  Lucky you.

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In Cozumel, I'm a big fan of Nachi Cocom.  Matt also recently reviewed El Cozumeleno and was impressed with it.  If you are a coffee drinker, I recommend a detour to COZ coffee downtown.  My wife swears by it.  Right around the corner from COZ is Sucre Sale, which has wonderful French pastries, and Chocolateria Isla Bella, which has amazing handmade chocolates.  They grow their own beans on the island, and create a "bean to bar" chocolate in house.  

Now pardon me while I go daydream and drool about all of those places...

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One week to go!!   Interestingly, today we spent the day skiing and it was freezing.  It seems impossible to believe that in a week, we will be warm! 

I have work in Miami on Friday, so I am flying out on Thursday.  My family is coming on Friday.  We have a pre-cruise day in Miami on Saturday and plan to just hang out at the beach.  If anyone has any great ideas for things to do (or places to eat) in Miami Beach, I'm all ears!


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