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San Juan Bacardi - Bringing on Rum


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Quick question.  I want to go to the Bacardi distillery prior to boarding ( I won't have time when we return).  We are leaving out of San Juan (not a port).  Is there a way to check my alcohol in with security (to hold until the end of the cruise) prior to boarding?  I don't want to buy from the distillery, if I cannot check it in with security.  Does anyone know??? Thanks in advance!

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Thank you!  I think I am going to try to bring it and hope security will take it. .....if not..I will drink a lot before hopping on hahaha. 


I don't want to do the tour...I just want to buy the alcohol I can't buy anywhere else...and get my name on a bottle... Bacardi oakhart is my favorite rum.. so I just want to say I went.


Are there certain places you would recommend to go to in san juan?  We will be there a full day before taking off.  Thank you!

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@suzi77, when you are in Old SJU, if you have a chance go here: https://lacasitarums.com  It's a bar/restaurant/store that sells various Puerto Rican rums.  I don't think the Bacardi tour would have anything that you can't get at your local store (they didn't when I took it, but that was 19 years ago), so take this an an opportunity to try a new expression or brand you haven't heard of before.  Enjoy the exploration of a new rum!

I've been on two rum cruises where we visited various distilleries on a number of islands.  If you can share your itinerary, I'll let you know what to buy and where.

Yeah, I'm a Rum Nerd, LOL.

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I'm pinging @twangster again, there was one of his live blogs that he did (seems like ages ago) where he stopped in San Juan and he was doing one of his walkabout's, he stated it was raining off and on and his pictures were at night, and he happened upon a bar (I think), and it was all Rum's, the bartender took the time to talk with him and find out his likes and dislikes and the bartender was able to match a rum to all his tastes, the one that blew me away (Again I think) was that twangster said he liked scotch, so the guy poured him a rum that was similar to scotch.

I may be the La Casita rums that @bcarney posted about above I couldn't tell by the pictures.

You should be able to buy rum in San Juan just like any other port and security will hold for you until the cruise is over.   

Hopefully twangster has time to respond.                                 

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25 minutes ago, twangster said:

My live blog from December 2017:


This was right after they started accepting ships after the hurricanes that devastated Puerto Rico.  

Glad to see that my memory is not totally shot. Thanks.

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We had this similar issue on our last cruise.  We went side 2 side on Oasis and Enchantment out of PC and had purchased alcohol on the Oasis cruise.  We were told by the concierge on Enchantment that security would confiscate it and return it back to us at the end of the Enchantment cruise.  Shipping alcohol without a license is illegal in the United States, but somehow our bottles of rum disappeared when we walked in the UPS store in PC and showed up at our house a few days later, so unfortunately I can't speak with 100% certainty that security will confiscate and return.  

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