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  1. Thank you! I think I am going to try to bring it and hope security will take it. .....if not..I will drink a lot before hopping on hahaha. I don't want to do the tour...I just want to buy the alcohol I can't buy anywhere else...and get my name on a bottle... Bacardi oakhart is my favorite rum.. so I just want to say I went. Are there certain places you would recommend to go to in san juan? We will be there a full day before taking off. Thank you!
  2. Hi!!! Quick question. I want to go to the Bacardi distillery prior to boarding ( I won't have time when we return). We are leaving out of San Juan (not a port). Is there a way to check my alcohol in with security (to hold until the end of the cruise) prior to boarding? I don't want to buy from the distillery, if I cannot check it in with security. Does anyone know??? Thanks in advance!
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