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March 15th Navigator of the Seas to the ABC's - 9 Night

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Hello all! First off, after @twangster's epic blog on this same itinerary just last week, I'm not sure how I can live up, but I'm sure we will have some different experiences  and I'm happy to share o

Day 5 (I think?) Bonaire! Such a beautiful day today. We docked about 8:30, and the captain gave us the all clear right at 9am We were the second ship in port today, the first was the old Mo

Cruise day is here!! I actually slept quite well last night, and got up about 7am to start getting ready.  We decided to get a professional car service rather than an Uber/Lyft, as we wanted all

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8 hours ago, Doug said:

Ha you managed to catch part of my family in one of your pictures. I'm wondering if you and I were talking on Day 8 about your Aruba excursion in the Diamond lounge?

I definitely agree the Stowaway Piano Player is a lot of fun. 



That’s funny, gotta figure it could happen!

And that wouldn’t have been me in the Diamond lounge, I am still pre-gold. After today I will be gold though!

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Day 9 - Last full day....

Didn’t take a ton of pictures today, but I have a few  

We had a slow start to the morning, and went to the spa about 9 for a nice massage / nap! 

We were done just after 11 and went to the Windjammer for lunch. 

After lunch, we caught the show with the house band, it was a big band style and we loved it


We went out on the deck and played shuffle board for a bit before heading up to the pool deck


pro-tip, do the pool at slides starting at 5PM, there is no one out there!


While walking the halls today, I looked up and noticed this right outside our cabin door, makes sense that we had good WiFi reception all throughout the cabin!


Tonight’s dinner was at the Windjammer, it was seafood night, which meant I grabbed a burger and fries from the kids section


After dinner was the fair well show in the theater, it was great


After the show, we hung out at the Bamboo room, this became our favorite place to relax! Played some games and enjoyed our last few hours


The Key breakfast was moved to Chop’s grill tomorrow




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The worst day of the cruise...

The day is here, the day we leave our home on the seas...

We pulled into Miami around 5am, and from what I could tell, we were cleared and self disembarkation started around 6:45am


We headed up to Chop’s about 8:15 for our breakfast, it was delicious 


We decided not to use our Key benefit for disembarking because we wanted to leave with my cousins, they had the latest departure possible, so we wandered around the ship a bit. The next cruise is the Zumba chartered cruise, so the pool deck was oddly empty, and they were craning in a ton of equipment 


We were let off the ship about 9:20, and going down the gangway, we passed the crane


When we got to the baggage area, our bags were already off the belt and waiting for us, assuming because of the Key


Going through customs was super easy, nothing like I was expecting. We were out on the curb about 9:30.

Driving away from the port, the last view of the ship, you can see the crane putting crates up on top


We had decided to rent a car for the four of us to drive up to Ft Lauderdale, that ended up being quite an adventure with shuttles and Uber’s to finally get us a car at the Miami airport, and we had to try a couple of them before we found one to fit all of our baggage


We stayed at a hotel for the evening, and now we are at the airport waiting for our plane. 

Thanks so much for following along, this has been fun, and I think it actually caused me to take more pictures and remember things more to be able to document them. I don’t know when our next cruise will be, but likely something from the west coast, burning a couple days flying back and forth just makes it hard. I am jealous of all you guys that can just hop on a long weekend cruise!!

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