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  1. I’m going on Harmony in a few weeks and a little while ago I noticed the shows pop up in the cruise planner and you were able to reserve ahead of time. I booked what I wanted and I’ve been checking periodically to see if anything has changed as it seems to be slim offerings listed compared to what I’m used to seeing, especially for an 8 night cruise. Tonight I just went in to look and the Fine Line has completely disappeared from the list of shows, along with my reservation I had for it in my calendar. Just checked my email as well and there’s been no notification of cancellation or anything. Anyone have any insight on what’s going on with this?? Thanks!
  2. In some video on Youtube from RoyalCaribbenblog.com (that I cannot find now), @JennaRCB mentions that she took some brief language classes while onboard Harmony. I've looked at some of the cruise compassed here on the site, but cannot find the section where they may be listed and what languages they may offer. Does anyone have any insight as to which languages are offered and when they may occur? I agree with @JennaRCB where it is nice to at least know some basics for various ports of call. I need to learn some French for a land vacation in 2023 and maybe I can learn some French while on a ship! Thanks!
  3. Hi, I took a look and I don’t think a thread has been started for our upcoming Christmas cruise. Today was a big day for us; we made final payment! We usually cruise over Christmas due to hubby’s work schedule and our son’s school schedule and are looking forward to the relaxed cruise protocols and Canada travel mandates this year. Fingers crossed nothing changes. We are still relatively new to Royal so we try to explore new ships and staterooms. This year it’s Harmony in a 2 bedroom ATS. We have several other friends joining us (in their own staterooms) and are looking forward to making memories and having lots of laughs! We will be spending a fun week in Florida pre cruise.
  4. At the end of your sailing are you given gratuity envelopes or something of that nature? We may leave the auto-gratuity so even the "others" receive the monies (thanks so much for the previous breakdowns) but most likely will then recognize the superior service at the end in cash, should I bring individual envelopes? Thank you so much for your input.
  5. Hi everyone. Sometimes it feels like things will never get here. I booked this sailing an entire different world ago. It’s crazy to think that back in November 2019 (18th to be exact) we were fun and fancy free. Running around without masks, no vaccines and a stable supply of light sweet crude oil. It was 867 days ago and when I put down the deposit for this sailing after having had FOMO from one too many of Sabrina’s live blogs. We’re now three weeks away which means from booking to sailing it’ll be 888 days (which definitely means I should head to the craps table or roulette wheel.) I’ll be sharing a bit about the voyage every day or so leading up to departure and will keep up onboard as much as my blood alcohol level let’s me.
  6. So, what's in a name? Each of the classes of ships have names that...well..."go together" for the most part... or do they? Freedom class.... Freedom, Independence, and Liberty... all synonyms for, well...Freedom. Voyager class... Voyager, Navigator, Mariner, Adventure, and Explorer... all synonyms for people who venture out and explore stuff... Then the lines start to blur a little bit... Radiance class... Radiance, Jewel, Brilliance, and Serenade... Radiance/Jewel/Brilliance sound "shimmery", and Serenade is just kind of an odd-ball one that's just tacked on on the end... Vision class... Vision, Enchantment, Grandeur...to me, in my mind I think "big looking" - but then we can't forget Rhapsody, which is a style of a musical piece.. Then the lines blur even more... Oasis class.... Oasis, Allure, Harmony, and now Symphony... Oasis and Allure really don't have much of anything to do with each other... but Harmony and Symphony are both "musical" in nature... so in theory, the next Oasis class ship... might it going to be something else entirely, or some other word from the musical milieu? Quantum Class... I have no idea. Quantum, Anthem, and Ovation.... Anthem is a musical style, Ovation is when you're standing up and applauding at the end of something you're amazed at, and Quantum... is..kind of "sciencey" So... what do you all think about Royal Caribbean's naming strategy... it seems like there maybe, at one time, was a rhyme or reason to it... are they abandoning said rhyme or reason? Should there be one? I like the consistency with naming within the class, certainly helps me remember the names of the ships.
  7. Does anybody know where the designated smoking areas are on the ship? looking for deck, side and forward or aft locations, thanks
  8. Getting this party started early because I am just way too excited! Can you tell? ? Here goes....
  9. Doing the happy dance on board Harmony. ☺ I can't do live because I refuse to pay $18.99 a day for wifi but we have 2 free internet days and mobile data when we are in port, so if anyone wants me to find anything out, post your questions and I will answer as soon as I can.
  10. A brand new excursion package showed up on my cruise planner this morning, presumably created specially in response to the requirement that all guests, vaccinated or not, can only go ashore in Italy on a ship-sponsored excursion. The new package is priced at $199 for adults and $194 for children and includes three excursions, one in each of the Italian ports of call. The excursions are: Pisa City Sights (duration 4 and a half hours), priced individually at $99; Rome City Sights (duration 5 hours), priced individually at $119; and Naples City Sights (duration 3 hours), priced individually at $59.75 for adults and $49.75 for children. They all include some sightseeing from some form of transport (coach/trolley car/river boat), some walk-abouts and some snack/shopping stops.
  11. Hello - We've been on several cruises but never partake in any of the spa services. I'm trying to convince my husband to do a couples massage but am confused by the pricing. A single 50 min swedish massage is $90 but a 50 min couples massage is $269....that is 3x the cost for a single. Does that sound right?I definitely will not get him to "try" it for that much. I am looking at pre-cruise pricing as we depart on July 7.Any info or suggestions would be appreciated.Thank you.
  12. Hi everyone! My family and I are currently booked on a sailing on Oasis in April 2022 in a 2br grand suite. I need to move it to the fall and need help deciding. I want to go star class this time around because, well, why not. It's my wife and I and our 4 kids (9,7,4,4) sailing. Our options are: Oasis - 2BR Aquatheater suite (deck 9) Harmony - 2BR Aquatheater suite (deck 10) Both sailings hit Cococay and Labadee. Harmony is about $700 cheaper (but I'd get an extra $100 OBC for Oasis sailing and less transportation fees to and from Port for Oasis) Give me your opinions. I know there are a few different restaurants on ship and the decor in the room is a bit dated in Oasis. Any other major differences I should know? Kids club,splash pad, etc? This will be our first star class and first Oasis class. Blow this novice away with your expertise!
  13. Harmony of the seas, same dates, different departure ports. How Its possible. Departure from Rome on 2/sep for 7 nights cruise, Departure from Barcelona on 5/sep also for 7 nights, same ship
  14. So we're going on a 7 night cruise in feb 2020 with a stop at Cococay. Neither the wifey, myself or the kids (girls, 11 and 13) are big on waterparks. So with that in mind, what else is there to do on Cococay if we choose not to buy tickets to the park itself? /First Time Cruiser ?
  15. I got excited because I finally found a 4 BR villa suite for September 2022 so I booked. Problem is, how many people do I need to have in the room? I have 5 right now but because of school, I am not sure I can find any more people to come with us. What is the minimum amount of people required? Help!
  16. We will be sailing on Harmony of the Seas soon and I'm wondering if anyone has a recent itinerary they can share for any special events we may need to prepare for? Also any reviews on recent experiences with any of the extra excursions or restaurants we plan to try? We plan to try Wonderland for the first time so if anyone has eaten there recently, how was that? We also plan to try Jamie's and Izumi. Our shore excursions will consist of a beach bed on South Beach in CocoCay, Sea Trek in Cozumel as well as the all inclusive dolphin and manatee experience, and the monkey, sloth, and iguana interaction on Roatan. We plan to just explore the port in Costa Maya I believe. Any feed back I can get would be a huge help.
  17. So I am considering taking a transatlantic Cruise next year. I have narrowed it down to two ships (i have not decided which direction i will be going yet, but that does not matter for this question as both ships i have picked are going and coming). The two ships are Harmony and the Odyssey. So my question is, given that cost is almost identical, and that i like both destination options, which should i choose? Which would you go on? I want to consider the fact that over half of the trip will be sea days, so which ship has more activities and entertainment, or are both equal? Thank you for any advise.
  18. Going on a cruise in Feb. On Harmony out of Port Canaveral. We were wondering what is earliest flight time allowable to use the luggage valet program? We have never use this program before and were hoping to save some time doing so. Our flight leaves at 11:30 AM on Southwest.
  19. Hi Everyone, Looking to make a reservation on Harmony. As much as I would love an ocean view balcony, its not in the budget. :angry: :( Has anyone stayed in boardwalk or central park balconies? Advantages? Dislikes? Recommendations? Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks! Mel :)
  20. Hi! Has anyone got a new copy of the Vitality spa list of services and prices? I wanted to see if they offered lash fill ins on board. Thanks in advance!
  21. Well... today is the day! We were prepared in the usual fashion of pre-cruise excitement. For us, that means I obsess over the minutia, while typically missing the bigger picture of intentionally needing to relax ?? Our nails freshly manicured, our tans freshly sprayed, and our nose hairs freshly waxed, I was starting to feel better prepared! (Too TMI with the nose hairs? ... I’ll rein in the descriptors... But man... getting old sucks sometimes). We are sailing out of Orlando today on Harmony of the Seas. Of COURSE I’m up at 5am eagerly anticipating embarkation on one of our favorite ways to vacation. I’ll try to keep this as ‘live’ as possible! (Hence the Ron Burgundy question mark at the end of the title). I just wanted to post some tidbits that we are learning along the way. We are doing a lot of firsts on this cruise! This is our first junior suite, our first time purchasing The Key, our first time booking UDP, first cruise ship escape room, first time maybe eating in CK, first sailing out of Port Canaveral, and first time in Harmony OTS. We originally booked a New Zealand cruise during our Cuban cruise on Empress last year. We saved and saved, but ended up canceling around June due to scheduling conflicts. This cruise was a spur of the moment purchase in our desperation to take a reprieve from work... so we just said “the heck with it” and went all in with the bells and whistles (well... all the bells and whistles as far as we can afford...I’m the cheap one in the marriage by the way). Thanks for joining!
  22. Hello friends! Sailing a week from today on a 7 night out of PC. Planning on dining within CK for the week does anyone know if they offer a special "Holiday" menu for Thanksgiving Day? Staying in an OS, never heard any feedback from Royal Up albeit I sent in a minimum bid, not even a thanks but no thanks we are full. Expecting our contact from the concierge sometime this week, most likely in a few days as @WAAAYTOOO explains. If you do not have the UDP would you prefer CK or pony up for a specialty restaurant that evening? Thanks so much
  23. Anyone experience this excursion? I booked through Resortsforaday and was trying to figure out how close it is, (says 5 minute walk from ship) and if it is worth the cost? Thanks so much!
  24. First I knew going in how expensive this sailing would be and I booked late, so the cost was substantial. I booked the last owners suite but wanted the crown loft that was unavailable. The crown loft showed up after I was paid in full for almost $3,000.00 cheaper (could I have been mistaken?) so I was told if I wanted to change I would lose the price difference, ah no thank you! So yesterday I receive my Royal Up offers and loan behold there is the crown loft I was hoping , for a minimum bid of $300.00 pp I was so confused, I thought it was a great deal less for this particular sailing. I placed a very minimal bid for the 2 bedroom aqua suite just in case but honestly I am very unsettled about this whole crown loft situation, ( I made no bid on it ) can anyone make this clearer to me then mud? Thank you in advance for your insight, you guys are fantastic! Sailing November 24, 2019 out of PC
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