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  1. jurrjurr

    2 night dinning package

    Is the 2-night dining package same as the BOGO deal on the Cruise Planner?
  2. If you don't care about the print design, the dollar store is a cheap place to get the lanyards. Especially if you are getting it for a group of people. Money better spent on experiences and drinks! I know some TA may offer lanyards/luggage tag sleeves if you booked with them.
  3. jurrjurr

    How to book MDR reservation?

    I would call Royal to verify your dining time for Traditional dining. 6:00PM time slot is very popular for Traditional Dining. If 6:00PM is not available, you can ask to switch to MTD and make reservations for 6:00PM every evening.
  4. jurrjurr

    Are night clubs a thing of the past?

    Maybe do a wine and painting activity in Vintages. These are pretty successful on land.
  5. jurrjurr

    Club royale

    Best to visit the casino host on the last evening of your sailing to get your cruise certificates based on your play.
  6. They could rebrand some Celebrity ships once Royal's older fleet goes out of commission.
  7. jurrjurr

    Which Ft. Lauderdale Hotel?

    I'm planning to using that site to book our hotel for Nov 2019. How reliable is their online form? Do I have to call them to confirm the reservation?
  8. One benefit of living in a bordertown. Can work in the USA (for now).
  9. jurrjurr

    Attn Suite Lovers !!

    Time to look for a sugar mama
  10. jurrjurr

    Are night clubs a thing of the past?

    They would rather use the space for a specialty restaurant that can accommodate families which will generate more revenue. On some ships, they use Studio B (ice rink) as a night club on certain nights. I have also seen the Solarium Bar on Oasis class ships become night clubs after 10pm. Ship design has been leaning towards multi-purpose rooms.
  11. Tips on the receipt might be distributed among all ship employees. There's a better chance the tips in cash is shared with just the bar staff
  12. Casino on the ship can break larger bills. Insert the bill into a machine and head to the cashier. I do this the night before we head into a port that has small shops that may not accept credit cards or have enough change to accept larger bills.
  13. jurrjurr

    St. Kitts

    We just did a tour on a taxi around the island as it was our first time there. It was a 3 hr tour.
  14. jurrjurr

    Empress thoughts

    The interior staterooms are a lot smaller compared to the ones on the newer ships. You are missing the space where you would have a couch. I did enjoy the numerous sitting areas inside the ship. The casino is also 100% smoke-free.