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  1. Now, I am really looking forward to my 9-day Best of Japan cruise out of HK on May 16. I got quite worried when I first started reading this thread. :-)
  2. Glad to know that sailings from Hong Kong are excluded from the spitting practice... I will be sailing on the Ovation from Hong Kong in 12 days. :-)
  3. This statement shows your Net Win/(Loss) for play while using your SeaPass card. All winnings, including W2Gs (hand-paid jackpots) and all losses, are reflected in the Total Win/(Loss) for the period requested. A positive number indicates that winnings are greater than losses, where as a negative number () reflects losses are greater than winnings
  4. I believe that the formal nights coincide during sea days on most occasions but that was solely based on my observation and not necessarily accurate. ;-)
  5. Ovation of the Seas - May 16, 2018: 9-Day Best of Japan cruise from Hong Kong
  6. Since we are on the subject of gratuities -- Does anyone have any idea/insights on what each Casino Royale staff's share ($$ / %) of the tips pool? Just curious to know how they stack up with the rest of the ship's service provider crew.
  7. Planning to book a 9-Day Best of Japan cruise on May 16, 2018 and would very much appreciate any comments on the itinerary: Fukuoka, Japan, Nagasaki, Japan, Yatsushiro, Japan & Shimonoseki, Japan This will be my first cruise destination to Asia and would like to get as much information on what to expect. Thanks in advance. :-)
  8. I heard that the stateroom mini bar service will no longer be available and I for one am glad to see this go. It has been more of an inconvenience for me to get the charges reversed for something that I did not consume in my 2 previous cruises. I believe the confusion was the Evian bottled water that I brought to the room from the casino were mistaken for mini bar consumption. So if you happen to see this in your stateroom and do not plan to use it, you can request them to be removed from the mini fridge/room.
  9. @waaaytooo - When I was booking my cruise for the 9-day Northern European coastal through CR for the Oct. sailing, they gave me the casino rate + an additional $300 VIP discount. I mentioned to them that I will be on the Oasis this March and from my gambling "action" would more than likely get the $1000 value cruise cert which I intend to use for the next one. CR said that they will only apply $700 (Max discount @ $1000) even the value on the cert is $1000 on an already existing casino rate booking. I guess they have not changed their policy yet in terms of stacking the savings.
  10. I guess receiving a complimentary cruise certificate on the final day can be considered a WIN?. As a CR member since 2010, I have always enjoyed the welcome aboard champagne/wine bottle, free drinks and the no fee SeaPass cash advance casino perks ever since. I also recently took advantage of (2) complimentary cruises on the Anthem of the Seas last Dec. and book for the Oasis of the Seas this coming March. These are for 7-day cruises to the Bahamas and Easter Caribbean respectively in a Superior Ocean Large Balcony Staterooms which I only paid $240 each for the taxes. If you do not avail
  11. Greetings! I'm Cal and my wife Maria and I are from Vancouver, BC - Canada. We have been a loyal RCCL cruiser since 2007 and looking forward to our upcoming cruises in March and October this year. We are glad to have come across this blog and we're sure to learn a lot from everyone that share our passion for cruising.
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