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  1. Hi all - the rep at RCCL could only share that there would be 2 formal nights but could not tell me which days specifically would be dedicated formal nights on our 9 day cruise on Anthem (Sept 2018). I'm a little type A. Ok, well, a LOT type A and I like to know these things in advance :) I'm betting I'm not the only one and I am also betting that one of you knows typically which nights end up being the 2 formal nights on a 9 day cruise. Help a (anal retentive) sister out! Thanks!
  2. @LetsTryThisTech I think my kids might be anomalies because all our friends said their kids would never leave the kids club on DCL ships but our kids never wanted to stay more than an hour. They would much rather be playing ping pong, watching movies in the theater or on "funnel-vision," wandering the ship, getting ice cream (OFTEN), searching for characters and hidden Mickey's than spending time in the clubs. My pre-teen/teen liked doing some of the crafts they did in the club but again, never for any real length of time. By the time we went on RCI, they had 3 DCL cruises under their be
  3. I thought I would provide a post-cruise recap for those who are curious about experiences with both Disney (DCL) and Royal Caribbean (RCI). We sailed on DCL three times (Fantasy 2013, Wonder 2015, Dream 2016) and our Oasis of the Seas Christmas 2017 cruise was our first on RCI. Here is a quick, high-level comparison between DCL and RCI based upon on our experiences. Of course, this is only our experience and others may vary Websites - Overall: DCL is much better RCI's site is notorious for being glitchy; they need some work in their IT department :). That being sai
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