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  1. Good point. I did all the WiFi setup stuff and tested it out as you stated (I had already done so), but what is weird is that the texting appeared to work in Airplane mode even though WiFi calling was not yet enabled on my phone. I enabled it anyway, but weird that texting appeared to work regardless - on all of the phones.
  2. An update: Apparently I can set up WiFi calling on all of our phones (2 iPhone 7 and 2 new Androids) - so if I do get the WiFi package for everyone and make sure we're in Airplane mode (with WiFi turned on) then we should be able to text and call each other over the WiFi as needed. Sound right? I just don't know how much we're going to separate and how much we'll want to communicate with our kids or even with family on the mainland. I'm sure my sons will want to communicate with their friends as well, so I guess I may end up biting the bullet and buying the WiFi package for all four of us. It's a peace of mind thing, too. This is kind of a nickel and dime thing IMHO. I wish they would provide it for free... which apparently they did on Majesty of the Seas a couple of years ago. Thanks once again for all of your input!
  3. Thank you for your response. Will we actually have coverage to be able to send texts when we're at sea? We are all on Verizon. I would expect we'll be unable to get a signal once we're away from port, but I don't know. Thanks!
  4. Use a picture program (photo editor) to shrink it - it has to be under 50Kb - which is really small. Most computers have such programs on them already.
  5. My wife and I are celebrating our 20 year anniversary on Majesty of the Seas (which coincidentally is the boat we took on our honeymoon!) We will have our two teanage boys with us and will need to communicate with them while on board. Is there any way other than getting the internet package for all four of us? And on that note, you pay $14 per day - does that mean you pay $14 also for the last day when you're off the boat by 7am?? Thanks in advance for your input!
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