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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, and new to cruises—I'll be going on my first cruise on 4/30 out of Miami on Enchantment of the Seas. I've done my best to research and answer my own questions, but still have a few things I'm hoping you all can help me with.I'm very interested in the perk that gets the 5% casino convenience fee waived.It seems like the only way to get this perk is to have Club Royale status. My understanding is that the Club Royale program changed recently, and the criteria for gaining status is in flux. With that said the genera idea is that you get the status when you accrue 1000 points in the casino. Status in the program is indicated by a sticker on your SeaPass card, which grants you free drinks and the fee waiver when in the casino.Does all that sound correct? Anything I'm misunderstanding or missing out on? Are there other ways to get Club Royale status?Given that:Do you all know if it's possible to get the 5% fee waived without being in Club Royale?Is there anyway to get the sticker on your SeaPass without having Club Royale status?If Club Royale membership is the only way, I may try to go for that. Can I get Club Royale status+perks while on my first trip, or is it only available on subsequent cruises? Say, for example, I gamble enough to earn 1000 points on the first evening, will I get Club Royale and associated perks for the remainder of the cruise?What is the rate that points accrue? I read on here that playing $5k in slots = 1,000 points, i.e. $5 = 1 point. What if I'm playing table games? Can be points be earned in other ways? Is there a daily limit to what you can charge to the SeaPass from the casino? If so what is it?Sorry for the million questions. Thank you in advance for any help!!
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