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  1. A little search finds out who's more important than you are... https://www.facebook.com/events/1855322991382927/
  2. Aim for excellence instead of perfection. Punch out a reasonable list of things you would like to do and discuss it. Trying to do everything and schedule every moment will just result in stress...and what I have experienced to be the "non-vacation". The vast majority of first time cruisers are repeat cruisers. That's why RCL has built a fourth Oasis class ship. Something you didn't get to...next time! Have a look at the thread 'Things We Have Learned To Do On A Cruise'. There are some experienced wise words in there with respect to relaxing and not trying to do too much. Have an awesome trip!
  3. Not only is it poor customer relations, but I think RCL is taking a big risk with this kind of thing. If a charter is done prior to publishing a deployment schedule, sure. Or, there’s a charter request and the requesting organization can have access to all staterooms not currently booked, then fine too. In this day in age with social media and the news media drooling over abused customer stories, RCL risks some serious brand damage. Vacations are a huge issue for people…tick off a few thousand and it can cost some serious dollars beyond any revenue gained from a charter.
  4. Here's another thing we learned.. Some may say 'duh, no kidding dude'...but, on the other hand we walk by many open staterooms when they are being cleaned and there are folks who haven't clicked on it yet. Unpack your suitcases. Empty suitcases go under the bed so they don't take up floor or closet space. Use a mesh laundry bag and put your dirty laundry in the suitcases under the bed. Assuming of course...you're not bringing a travel trunk(s) for a suitcase most should fit. :)
  5. Over time my wife and I have learned a few tricks and established some habits when on a cruise. Here's two of ours: 1. Take the stairs. Only exception is going to the Diamond Lounge on Deck 14 and then to late dinner. Otherwise, it's the stairs 100% of the time, no exceptions. Even coming back from an excursion on deck 1 and up to the deck 10 stateroom. No rush, just take your time and get it done. Hoping this keeps at least 5lbs off the scale... 2. Light in the bathroom at night. Nothing worse than getting up in the middle of the night to pee (when your 40+ it's at least once, 50+ at least twice) and flipping on the light switch only to blind yourself. Then exiting the bathroom only to greet complete darkness...stubbing your toe and causing a general ruckus. Since the electrical outlet in the staterooms is only active when the light switch is on, we bring with us a small LED light that sits on the counter that we only have to tap to turn it on or off. Just enough light to do what you need to do. Far easier on the eyes and at least you can see the obstacles on the way back to the pillow. What are some of your tricks and things you've learned to do?
  6. Cocktails on board RCL ships are awesome. That's one of the things I tell people when they whine about having to pay for drinks on a cruise versus all inclusive resorts. You want a martini...you get a real 'careful not to spill that!' martini in a real martini glass. Pre-made...if you are looking at it like making a strawberry daiquiri from fresh strawberries, no, they don't do that. They will use a strawberry mix, but the ice, rum and triple sec are combined and mixed separate right there in front of you.
  7. You took my reply completely out of context........................
  8. We booked the snorkel trip with Renee for April 6th. Looking forward to it!
  9. Assuming you're taking about the Deluxe Drink Package. 1) Technically, you can only use your card and they will only give you one drink at a time. If your wife has the package, she will need to be there too (assuming you're at a bar). 2) Yes. 3) Usually Cafe Promenade or similar non-branded place. Dining room, Windjammer and specialty restaurants as well.
  10. Just poped up on our cruise as well. It wasn't there yesterday. If we weren't Diamond I would probably go for it.
  11. Giovanni's seems to have reviews in one of two categories, either it was awesome or it was OK. We've been to Gio's twice (two different ships) and found it to be OK. Some people raved about it on the same cruises. I do encourage you to try as many things foodwise on a cruise as possible. If you haven't been to Gio's, give it a try. (Unless you've got multiple stomachs, good luck with eating more than one entree :) ) Checkout the multi-dinner packages if you haven't already, they may work for you. If you plan on going to specific restaurants, do the math to determine if it's less expensive with a package or to buy individually. I agree with another post here that the Chops price is topped out. You can get a Chops steak in the main dining room for about $20(?). The atmosphere in Chops is nice, but extra price delta is difficult to justify. Chops used to be $25.
  12. Totally understanding of PTSD and other challenges. But...I'm having a hard time seeing a small Yorkshire Terrier being carried through the Promenade and Casino, or a small dog sleeping on a chair in the Schooner Bar while the mid-20s owner has a drink chatting with his travel companions as service dogs. RCL has a service dog policy...but the policy says "Evidence that a dog is a service dog is helpful but not required." Translation...'feel free to bend and abuse as you see fit'.
  13. We saw something we have never seen before on an RCL ship on our recent 5 night Western Caribbean cruise... We have seen service dogs before and RCL has a policy for them (rightly so), but this time we saw two different dogs with people...out in the public areas like it was a walk in the park. One couple had a Yorkshire Terrier and another mid-20's male had what appeared to be small breed cross of some sort. These we able bodied people, no physical, sight or hearing challenges. What gives? Anyone else seen this before?
  14. Thanks for the tip WAAAYTOOO! We stopped in Costa Maya on December 6th. We took your tip and went to the Krazy Lobster. It was a great day. Sun, beach, $1 Coronas and a great lunch at a reasonable price! You wouldn't know the place from the front...Costa Maya has changed considerably since we were there last. The only real issue we had...was the relentless walking vendors. I swear it felt like every 30 seconds. They weren't pushy or aggressive, but the pure numbers was unprecedented in our travelling history. Also, cabs are not (at least no longer) allowed to pick up fares inside the gates of the compound. Getting a cab requires walking outside the gated compound...there are lots. We didn't know this and took the tram at $3/ea. Given we sat in the tram for what seemed like forever until they were satisfied that they had enough people, next time we will be walking outside the gates to grab a cab at $2/ea. Cost: $6 for tram, $65 for three buckets (5) Coronas, two strawberry daiquiris, lunch and tip and $4 for a return cab ride. Totally worth it!
  15. Awesome, thank you very much for the information and tips! Bing Bong!
  16. We are stopping at Costa Maya in a few weeks on the Indi. We have stopped there a few times, but it has been at least eight years +/-. We are thinking of going into Mahahual and finding a nice cafe/restaurant/bar to hang out at. Is going into Mahahual a better experience than hanging out at the port compound? If so, is there a particular place and how much $$ should we bring with us? Bing Bong!
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