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  1. We set sail on Allure July 9th. My daughter and nieces like the specialty coffee drinks, like lattes, mochas, things like that. The refreshment package says it doesn't include Starbucks, so we bought them the refreshment package and the coffee card. Is this really necessary? I see the refreshment package includes premium coffees. Does this mean they can get espresso drinks with their refreshment package, they just can't get them at Starbucks? What does premium coffee mean? What kind of coffee drinks are included in the package? Thanks again all! This blog has been such a great help!
  2. Thank you all so much! I can't tell you how much this blog has helped with the cruise planning process! I have a list going on Amazon and just added a few more things. I will purchase the usb ports suggested, as well as the shoe holder. With 5 girls ages 11 to 17 in one cabin, these suggestions will really help! Thanks again, I really appreciate all the responses! We set sail in 24 days and I cannot wait for this vacation!!
  3. Hello All, My family and extended family (16 total) will be sailing on Allure of the Seas for 7 days in July. Does anyone have any advice or tips for packing things that you may not have known to pack your first time cruising and now never go without? Also, we have 5 girls in one family cabin and want to bring hooks to put on the wall, because I really think they will need them. I found magnet hooks on Amazon and wanted to know if anyone knows if the walls are metal in the cabin and will I be able to put those hooks up? Or should I get something different. I will also be bringing a power strip for their room, because they will all have phones and understand there is not a lot of outlet space. Is this allowed? And one more random question, will I be able to get bottled coconut water on board the ship? :)
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