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  1. Thank you Mono....any chance I can get this in PDF .....thanks
  2. Most of my non crusing life we like to eat by 6pm, however when on board it seems like we alway eat a late lunch and not hungry at 6. If we choose 8pm is it possible we miss some of the show's?? With the MTD we would also miss the "getting to know" others that are always at the same table, right?? Is the 2 or 3 night premium dinning package worth it?? Thanks for your input
  3. I Understand that if my wife and i get the VOOM unlimited internet package, that I can put our iphoneeive into airplane mode and then use wi-fi calling. If either of us receive a call from the US, will are phones ring as normal? can we call each other whileon board? Thanks
  4. When and where can I find a schedule of show's etc. for our cruise?
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