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  1. 23 cruises and I don't remember ever having an uncomfortable mattress.
  2. We chose deck 7, just aft of the hump, for our October cruise. Cabins above and below. Close to the Windjammer, not so close to Schooner.
  3. That would be part of the drink package, not the refreshment package.
  4. Radiance is our favorite ship. If you have an excursion to the Kenaii Fjords, that was awesome!
  5. Check out You Tube videos for Navigator. Everything is going to look crowded when you first embark, because most of the pax are trying to funnel in to the one deck. But it things out pretty quick. Happy cruising! It is addicting.
  6. I uninstalled the app and started over. It works fine now, but looks basically worthless until you ger to within 4 months of the cruise date.
  7. Must be, then, because there is a download feature in the upper left hand corner.
  8. I would get a different TA next time and do your own travel arrangements. Flying is stressful enough between, going through security, finding your gate, rushing to meet a connection, etc., without doing it on the first day of your vacation.
  9. We have always gotten trip insurance and have had to use it twice. We use Travel Guard as well.
  10. It is $40 standard rate. No need to book a taxi, they are right there. We shared a town car with another couple and that was really nice. I can't imagine flying in the day of the cruise, though.
  11. I have a Moto E5 Plus and tried accessing the app yesterday. It wouldn't even allow me to enter the country in the dropdown box.
  12. I just tried downloading it to PDF and that worked.
  13. We have to wait for October for this one. 13 days Quebec to Ft. Lauderdale. I am trying to find out what bar was removed for Izumi and if the deck plans are current.
  14. Your vacation starts earlier, you can be eating and drinking early, you avoid the noon rush.
  15. Do the parents use internet? Use FB Messenger. Easy way to keep in touch.
  16. Thanks! Noticed, I am on the wrong thread. DW nixed the idea anyway
  17. I have been kind of missing here since our next cruise isn't until October, but we have an NCL cruise next month to get ready for. We are only 4 points away from Diamond and our next RCI cruise is 13 days long. It would be nice to be diamond for that cruise. The hold up is that flying makes a 4 or 5 day cruise too expensive. Are there slow times for these short cruises where the prices drop?
  18. Will this go fleet wide, if successful? We will be on AOS in October. Can't manage another RCI before that.
  19. I think we have to wait, unless we can YOLO Book It on a different cruise before that.
  20. If you get to Anchorage, there is a tour called The Big Swig. You get to tour several craft breweries and drink lots of beer! This is privately owned. The guy has one other employee, so you go in a van with 10 people. We loved the Alaskan Amber, so I didn't try any of the Smoked Porter.
  21. Thanks for the link. Our first 3 cruises were on NCL. We really like their Freestyle cruising. It took us awhile to do our 1st RCI, now we are 4 points away from Diamond. Unless a specific itinerary comes up on another line, these are the 2 we like best, with RCI being first. We will be sailing Beakaway in February and that will be our first time on NCL in several years. Enjoy your cruise!
  22. Absolutely agree! If you get a chance, try some Alaskan Amber.
  23. Well, life goes on. Unless we do 3 cruises next year, which isn't likely, our next RCI will be Adventure next October. Maybe something will come up before then. We are only 4 points from Diamond and that is a 13 day cruise.
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