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  1. I had Indian food last week on Harmony. Butter chicken, veg biryani and popadoms.
  2. Just wanted to share that they allowed me to book both Chops and 150 on the Harmony last week with the BOGO offer
  3. Backstreet boys..... Great choice ???
  4. Just checked and the price did go up. Was $500 cheaper for over a week but didn't think to do anything. Nvm. Now I know what to do for next time. ?
  5. Thanks. Will ask the agent if they could do anything for my parents. Some reason I'm bit nervous/scared to ask ???
  6. I'm from the UK but used an US travel agent for mine and my parents cruise on the Harmony next month. I booked my parents cruise 3 weeks ago and paid in full but now seen the price dropped by $500 . Reading a lot about getting priced adjust/matched on this site . Does this apply to me?
  7. What were their reason for refusing to give you Central Park 150??? I got BOGO specialty dinner too hoping to get CP 150 and Wonderland (HOM)
  8. Too bad. Nvm. Mocktails for him lol
  9. I know , I know. Husband is really sad about it and wanted to cancel the cruise ? Hes been drinking the NA beer at home and said it was better than nothing. Thanks everyone for your replies.
  10. Hi Everyone. Was wondering if anyone knows if the Refreshment drink package includes the alcohol free beer? My husband loves beer but recently been told by Drs that he needs to cut out alcohol for health reasons.
  11. Thanks for the tips guys. So nervous about travelling with my son on this cruise so wanted to know all the places I can take him
  12. Thanks for the replies. The ports its going to are Nassau, Charlotte Amalie, and Philipsburg.
  13. Hi, Newbie here. I will going on my first cruise this December on the Allure of the sea with my husband and son(who will be 1 in Dec) I was wondering if anyone can recommend any Eastern Caribbean excursions that I can take my son on. I did a little search on some boat trips and all of them require min age of 3 years. Thanks in advance
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