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  1. re: children's seapass cards...I would secure them yourself while off ship...otherwise keeping up with a 12 year old themselves will be more of an issue on the ship as they are able to sign themselves in and out of adventure ocean... no real concern, though...the ships are a safe environment for the kids and my 11yo enjoyed herself immensely... she would flee from the dinner table asap in order to get back upstairs to that hangout...she had no problem being responsible for the card in her lanyard but for younger children would probably hold on to it myself (I think lanyard should work just fine while they are visiting adventure ocean if it's required to be on their person during that time)....
  2. ohhhh...this is not "project icon", so maybe the Icon class name will stick... maybe the ship names will be celebrity icons like: Presley of the seas or Monroe of the seas or Astaire of the seas :)
  3. Was thinking the class name of "Icon" would most likely convert to another name once all is said and done... I was hoping for "Galaxy Class" with ship names like: Celestial of the Seas or Constellation of the Seas.... 'cept Celebrity already has a Constellation...
  4. When your wardrobe contains more anchors than the ship's souvenir shop
  5. sunrises... sunsets.... and kummelwecks...plenty of roast beef kummelwecks ...pls tell me café promenade on Freedom OTS has the roast beef kummelweck :unsure:
  6. - cruise planner usage, as well as scheduled free time to take in the views - water shoes, as well as sunscreen and bug spray - multiple entrees, as well as multiple appetizers and multiple desserts enjoy your cruise...you both are going to luv it!
  7. Haven't been on Navigator, but have heard good things...not bad... RE: RCI's youth program "Adventure Ocean" ...we found it to be an excellent program w/fun, experienced, attentive staff... My 12yo is so excited for our next cruise on Freedom of the Seas in March17... She thoroughly enjoyed her first cruise on Vision when she was 11yo (Voyagers 9-11) where they did lots of games and crafts Next time, she'll be 12yo (Navigators 12-14) where they will probably do more sports and video games, which is right up her alley... I believe you can't go wrong with any RCI ship and I trust you've made a great decision in choosing Navigator...
  8. Vision of the Seas is one of RCIs smaller, more intimate ships... It has wonderful glass windows for great ocean views in many locations of the ship... Trivia in the Schooners Bar is lots of fun... The Park Café in the Solarium is great for a quick sandwich ( including the famous roast beef), soup, salad or dessert... enjoy your cruise :)
  9. Our 2nd cruise with RCL will be this Freedom OTS Mar 18 2017...My 12yo daughter will be in adventure ocean and enjoys basketball and talking minecraft, agario, and roblox...maybe will be able to greet you on the cruise...lookin' forward to it....
  10. I wouldn't disturb lounges with towels accompanied by personal belongings, but half hour should be plenty of time for a stand alone towel I think... where would you then place said extracted towel....do ya have ta take it back to the turn-in station fer the hog?
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