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  1. We got on no issue, no wait what so ever. However, it did seem like they had just finished disembarkation as people were still walking off into customs as we arrived. It was very busy and only got busier as we watched from our balcony. Thanks Everyone!
  2. Thanks everyone! We will make a contingency plan (new toys) Just Incase we get caught up in the terminal.
  3. Hey everyone, we’re leaving on the 30th aboard the Adventure of the Seas out of Fort Lauderdale. We got an email today saying that boarding starts at 12:00pm and to arrive AFTER that time. In the past we’ve always arrived at 10-10:30ish right after checkout at the hotel. Has something changed in the last year? Just trying to get a plan in place, my daughter is two so she will not enjoy being stuck in a terminal for two hours before moving :-). Thanks!
  4. Hey! Iv sailed out of tampa numerous times. Your walk would he just around a mile. It should be a great walk as long as everyone’s able bodied. Enjoy your cruise!
  5. Family just got back from a short cruise to the Bahamas. Wife, and my 19 month old. Anyone know if Enchantment is Set for some maintenance? She looked rough, a lot of visible rust, some of the railings were missing with barriers out around. The balcony partition was rusted out at the bottom. Our suite AC would not bring the room down as cool as our friends in a Balcony. They tried the entire cruise to fix it but said it was as cold as they could get it. if anyone has an Infant and is considering using the nursery services, I highly recommend it. We used it twice during the cruise, and it was the first time my child has been to any daycare service, she loved it. They gave us a little report card when we picked her up explaining everything that she did and they really seemed to care. I also noticed that the hamburgers and steak on this cruise were much better than my previous cruises in the recent years. Overall, any cruise is a good cruise! Looking forward to our 8 day in March! If anyone has any questions about the cruise or CoCocay,Nassau let me know I’ll try to answer!
  6. Thanks for the information!
  7. Will be monitoring this change, but I don’t expect it to affect much anytime soon. Maybe the up the prices later again. Basically from what I read, this promotional practice of offering the incentive to book early didn’t pay out for them. You would think they would try a different promotion, but axing it is cool too (sarcasm). At least there will be opportunities to get OBC during sales. Iv always been amused with Royals promotions and sales, I price out the same cruise during multiple sales and the price rarely changes, it’s all a play in words.
  8. We got two upcoming cruises, always scouting for the next 🙂 but today I noticed that it no longer shows any “Kids Sail Free” Cruises. I have a bookmark set, and I was surprised when I got the notice “Our Kids Sail Free Offer is No Longer Available”. Iv never seen this before, especially since it was always just a few select cruises that it applied to, anyone know if it’s temporary or permanent?
  9. I book early, then follow closely often repricing during any sales to ensure I got the best deal. Personally I’v had my best luck the first week of December. That graph is mighty neat tho!
  10. We had this happen on our last cruise. We couldn’t pull it up anymore but when we got on the ship we had our tickets and the excursion was listed on the cruise compass. Maybe currently sold out, or a website glitch.....knowing current conditions a website glitch could be plausible.
  11. The entertainment should be different. I mean, some things will be the same and are consistent amongst most ships (IE Love and marriage, sexy legs contest, belly flop contest and quest) but there should be a different Cruise Director this time around and so each one throws their own twist into it with their staff. There should be a Different comedian, giest performers etc.. We’ve been on ships twice in a year and some things are different but some are the same. One thing to consider, the main welcoming show and if they had a specific broadway production show, that may be the same. For instance, when I sailed on Brillance they had the same headliner show featuring queen,Styx and other classic covers that was on it two years prior. However, the dancers and singers were different so they threw their own spice on it. I hope this helps to get an idea. After as many cruises as iv been on, iv seen most of the consistent things but every cruise there’s something new and entertaining.
  12. I’d give Adventure a try. I went on her, before some of her refurbishments. It’s a neat ship with a lot to offer. Royal Promenade, Flow Rider, the new slides and then the usual contemporary relaxation is available. Since your seasoned and have visited all the ports already, seems like the only thing to change up is the ship! Plus if I read your post right, it’s the cheapest as well! Win win! Either way it sounds like an epic vacation! Good luck!
  13. Radiance class is a great class of ships. They have a wonderful lounge at the aft of the ship that allows for superb relaxation and views. I’m not sure where you want to sail out of but we have taken my parents and family on Brilliance out of Tampa during December. It’s usually a very quiet crowd and the weather is moderate. Another plus on Radiance and Freedom classes is that you can go on the Helipad at the front of the ship and they have benches. This allows for another opportunity to gaze at the sea and relax with the wind in your face. I have been on almost all the ships, from the smallest to the largest and have to say that the bigger ones offer a bunch of options and can keep you busy for a trip, while the small ones allow you to see the ship, find your favorite areas and relax. Either way, the pace of the cruise vacation is ultimately your decision and a Royal will cater to what ever you desire. YouTube and some members on here have great videos documenting the layout and venues on Royal ships, maybe that will help you. Good Luck!
  14. I love brilliance, still one of my favorite ships. Leaving out of Tampa is a nice scenic route. You get to see Right in the center of downtown, then see St Pete. The skyway is a awesome thing to see and to finish it off Edmonton key. It’s a neat sail for a couple hours.
  15. I have been also experiencing this error. I cleared my cache,waited 10 minutes and tried again. It’s been a hit or miss situation for a couple weeks for me. Good luck :-/.
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