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  1. We took our first cruise without the kids (ages 5 & 1) this past June. We had no guilt even though it was the first time to be away from the little one. It's necessary to get away from the kids and reconnect with your spouse in order to be a better parent. Just think of it as recharging your batteries so you can be there more for your kids.
  2. My husband and I were on Liberty OTS in June and booked our next cruise on the same ship for March 2020. Will the entertainment be different in two years? Is there anyone that has been on the same ship within this same time frame that could give me a little insight? I talked my parents into going with us and was hoping to have something new to see in the evenings.
  3. I don't like alcohol but love virgin drinks. Is there a price difference between a virgin drink and the one with alcohol?
  4. Thanks! You know, that is a random piece of information to know. I'm curious to know what other small bits of information you guys have!
  5. I know that we can take towels off the ship to take to the beach. Are the towels large beach towels or small bathroom sized towels? I'm trying to decide if we are going to bring our own large beach towels.
  6. My husband wanted me to triple and quadruple check about the cash account. So, Can someone walk me through, step by step, how to set up the cash account and keep it loaded on the ship? When filling out paperwork online, I already noted we would be using a cash account. Where I'm a little fuzzy is keeping funds in it. Can we just hand guest services the cash to put on our account if we run out while on the ship? And I don''t think it matters, but our ship is Liberty OTS. Thanks for the help! (PS. 34 days and counting!)
  7. Thanks for all the feedback! I think I will research the price of our desired cruise just before we sail and make a note. If the NextCruise office can't offer anything better we will just wait and book once we return home.
  8. I've heard from a number of people that a TA can't get more discounts than the cruiseline itself offers. Is this true? I've also heard more horror stories than good about booking with a TA. I wouldn't even know where to begin.
  9. We are just looking for the lowest price on our chosen itinerary. I heard that deposits are lower if booking with Next Cruise.
  10. The cruise we are looking to take next (itinerary, not date, is what we are looking at) is decently priced right now. If I were to wait and book the same itinerary on our cruise in June, will we get a better deal? Is the deposit less? Is it worth it to book on the ship or does it not really matter?
  11. Thanks for the clarification. Always read the fine print!
  12. "As I was checking out prices for our next cruise I went through the process online and did everything but actually book it. Upon looking at the cost breakdown I noticed an extra $200 had been tagged on to the cruise fare (per person) without any indication as to what it was. Taxes and fees were listed as a different charge so I know it's not that and all promotions had already been listed. I haven't inquired about it with a RCCL representative, but was wondering if anyone else had come across this or could maybe shed some light as to what this extra $200 could be for." This was my origin
  13. I heard that Johnny Rockets has complimentary breakfast. Is this true on all the ships that have this restaurant? I'm going on Liberty in June and wondered if they would have it.
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