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  1. Those fighting this thing on the Liberty of the Seas will be better off than those on one of the three Carnival ships. They will all be in New Orleans by this afternoon where they will face the now expanded storm with heavy rain and wind today. Kansas Cruiser, I'm glad you are ok, and that it looks like you have a solution that works for you. Your 6:45 flight shouldn't be a problem as it looks like your ship is on 50 or 60 miles from Miami now.
  2. Carnival Freedom appears to be returning to New Orleans. Can the other Saturday ship (Valor) be far behind? The Breeze (Sunday ship) is in NO now.
  3. We'll know for sure when the ships show up on marinetraffic.com again, but the Miami Herald reported this morning that Carnival plans to position their ships to get into Galveston ASAP. I hope what you read is more accurate than the Miami Herald story.
  4. The Carnival Breeze is in New Orleans today to take on supplies. The Valor and Dream were there over the weekend. The report is that all three plan to hang outside of Galveston so they can port ASAP to drop off and pick-up. I can't find either of them on marinetraffic.com. I'm sure they'll both show up later. Initially I applauded Carnival for its response to the situation. Now I question it. This almost stationary storm is predicted to begin to slowly moving back out over water and then the center to skirt Galveston Wednesday or Thursday. As suspected, assets that are normally used at the port have been redistributed to rescue which will slow the reopening of the port. There is no reason to be anywhere near that area while there are people being rescued. It would be better to do as RCCL has done. Cancel this week's trips and keep those on board the ships safe and as happy as possible. Find a port to safely travel to. Help those who can find flights home from that city do so. Take the rest back to Galveston after the storm. As a side note, I believe there is a higher percentage of cruisers who drive to Galveston than most of the Florida ports. It's probably more than half. I have parked at the Galveston cruise terminal twice. It seems those parking lots are not much above sea level. I suspect there will be many a flooded car waiting for passengers return this week. It's a life and death situation for many of the residents of SE TX. It will cost RCCL and Carnival millions, but that really not much given the size of these companies. I think it will really pay for RCCL & Carnival to keep the passengers safe and happy. I hope the passengers are doing their part.
  5. I'm glad Kansas Cruiser and everyone else on the ship are safe. It sounds as if the attitude is somewhat tense on board. Hopefully the passengers can adjust their attitudes for the good of all. I also hope they remember that even though RCCL is going the extra mile for comfort and saftey, the workers on board work for tips. I hope most remember that. It appears RCCL has done all they can do, and I for one, applaud them for it. I heard a couple of people say over the weekend that RCCL should have cancelled last week's cruise because of Harvey. One week ago, it was a minimal tropical storm heading for the coast of Mexico. If they cancelled cruises for every small tropical impulse that cropped up this time of year, they wouldn't be able to conduct business in the region.
  6. With marinetraffic.com, you have to teach yourself to take their listings and triangulate the actual position of ships when in open water. With that in mind, the Carnival Valor and Dream could still be moving toward Galveston. They were due in yesterday. I assume they'll either turn around and go somewhere else, or they will pass the RCCL Liberty this evening. The Carnival Breeze was due in Galveston today. On marinetraffic there is a fresh reading on it's position. It claims to be heading to Galveston, but is on a perfect course for New Orleans. Maybe too much information for some, but I find it fascinating. The events in TX have become life and death for many. I would imagine many of the assets normally used at the port have been temporarily reassigned to life saving rescues.
  7. So now the next question: When arriving in Miami, do they expect the passengers to leave the ship or are they allowed to stay on board (with on and off privileges each day), until a safe return to Galveston is possible? Having sailed from Galveston twice, it seems that these whips are filled at least half with folks from TX, OK, and LA who parked at the terminal in Galveston. Because of the 1 hour plus shuttle from Houston International, it is a driving destination for most. I have a feeling that upon return to Galveston, many of these folks will have flooded cars. Those parking lots do not seem to be much above sea level, based upon memory.
  8. This begs another question: If the port does open, and the cruise line ends the current cruise, and boots everyone off the ship, what in the world will those people do? Flights are all cancelled. Are the interstates open to get out of Galveston? How many cars are flooded in the massive parking lots there? It seems to me both Carnival and RCCL should not force these people off the ship into potentially life threatening situations. It's not my money, I know, but it seems, at this point, the prudent thing for Carnival and RCCL to do, is to cancel this week's cruises, issue refunds and free cruises, and keep the current passengers out of harm's way. If they get in Wednesday or Thursday and the passengers can disburse safely, the cruise lines will get good press. If, by forcing the issue, multiple people get hurt or killed, the cruise lines will face a lot of negative press and possible litigation. Again, I know it's not my money, but Carnival and RCCL are huge companies. The money spent by going overboard to keep these passengers safe and happy is nothing more than a rounding error in each company's annual profit/loss. Just my opinion.
  9. According to marinetracker.com, the Liberty of the Seas is approaching Galveston. I haven't seen any announcement that the port is open. How in the world will passengers get to or from the port?
  10. I guess I'm unclear, is Carnival asking the guests to not end their cruise in New Orleans, or are they asking guests to not get off in New Orleans for the day? Seems a strange request if they are not wanting them to use New Orleans as a port of call.
  11. The Liberty has left Cozumel according to marinetraffic.com.
  12. Yeah, it makes for tough decision making. If the port wasn't closed, it may be possible for Carnival to get their two ships in and back out by tomorrow afternoon. The Liberty would need to leave Cozumel by about 7 AM tomorrow to make the roughly 500 mile journey for Sunday morning in Galveston. If they don't make the call by then, it will be made for them.
  13. Interesting in that the RCCL website is pretty vague about the effect of the storm on Sunday's Liberty scheduled turn. Liberty is currently docked in Cozumel as scheduled. Carnival, on the other hand, has much more detail on their website. It states that the port of Galveston is closed and will remain closed until the storm has passed and the port inspected. They also have already stated that itinerary changes will result in adjustments to charges for packages on board. They also asked this weekend's new passengers to not proceed to the port until instructed by Carnival. They have two ships (Freedom and Valor) scheduled for Saturday and one (Breeze) scheduled for Sunday. Maybe RCCL is being more cautious having not put more information up than they have, but it's interesting to me to see the difference. I guess at this point, there is no chance the Saturday trips happen on time and maybe a 5% chance the Sunday trips go out on time. Currently, two of the ships are docked in Cozumel and two are hanging out just off the Yucatan Peninsula. Based on the distance, the two ships in Cozumel would have to leave by late tonight to make Galveston by Sunday morning. The two on the North side of the Yucatan could leave by early tomorrow. If the storm proceeds as the forecast calls, it will be Tuesday or Wednesday before the storm has cleared Galveston. Then comes the port inspection and any needed repairs are completed. I have friends who cruise in the fall because it's so cheap. We have never done it because of hurricane season, although we did once do a land based trip to Cayman in October that was interrupted by a storm. The people cruising this week will get a bonus. The people scheduled to embark this weekend are going to be disappointed. I'm sure there are some folks with the trip of a lifetime scheduled to start this weekend. I feel bad for them. It will be interesting to see how it comes out.
  14. Here is another. Interesting to see. http://www.cruisetimetables.com/
  15. I haven't updated my passport for a few years, but I recall it being closer to $100 than $30. Are you military or senior? Do certain groups get discounted passports?
  16. Can anyone else share an experience on this subject? It would surprise me if this became the norm.
  17. RCCL had a Reggae band on the Pool Deck last June on the Adventure of the Seas. Has this changed?
  18. The best thing I've seen on a ship is my favorite band. Great music on the High Seas.
  19. Same latitude as Charleston. It's warmer than Charleston in the Winter, but it's not as hot in the Summer on average.
  20. Not just Bermuda, but all of the Bahamas and Turks and Caisos islands are in the Atlantic. It seems to be a common mistake that Geography nerds like me see all the time. Interestingly enough, some web sites and maps site Barbados as being in the Caribbean and some show it in the Atlantic. You'd think it would definately be in the Caribbean, but it sticks out to the east of the other islands.
  21. I for one appreciate your review, and I bet many others here do too. In a weird way, this board is not unlike a family with RCCL being the parents. We have our squabbles. We get mad at our parents. But... when an outsider talks bad about one of us, we circle the wagons. RCCL isn't perfect, but it does a lot of things very well. I hope you enjoy your trip.
  22. If the OP of this thread wanted to get the board veterans riled up, he/she did it. It's funny, we all have "beefs" with RCCL, but when a Newbie comes on and trashes the cruise line without all the facts, we get defensive. As it should be, I guess.
  23. The Adventure will be in Ft. Lauderdale in the fall of 2018. I'm guessing it's not headed back to San Juan any time soon (as a home port).
  24. Hey Doc. I don't disagree with you regarding crime, but perception is reality. Many Americans see the drug cartels on Mexican Pacific Coast as a problem. It doesn't detour anyone on the gulf side, but it does on the Pacific side. The mainstream news chooses which stories to cover, and the cartel shootings in Western Mexico are the story of choice by the American Media. I can site a million more examples, but I won't as it will turn political very quickly, and nobody wants that here.
  25. My brother just did a Mexican Riviera Cruise on the Carnival Miracle. Acapulco was replaced with a second day in Cabo due to crime. Puerto Vallarta is getting bad too. I'm surprised the lines are adding itineraries there. The ships mentioned in the article are no bigger than the Voyager class. It would be difficult to move anything bigger into the Pacific, although the Voyager, Mariner, and Explorer are already there as well as the Radiance of the Seas.
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