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  1. Oh yeah, you could also go the suite route and let your genie handle it. LOL!
  2. Some have purchase the specialty restaurants individually so that they could make reservations. Then they purchase a dining package. Once on board, they cancel their individual reservations and re-reserve using their dining package. Lots of trouble but good for those who need to dine at a certain time.
  3. When is your cruise? On my cruise, Nassau did not show up until 3 weeks out. I gave up on waiting and planned my own excursion: Rented bikes (which I would not recommend), visit Ardastra Gardens & Wildlife (that was just OK), Visit John Watling's distillery (tour & tastings), Graycliff Chocolatier (missed the tour), and lunch/wine cellar tour at Graycliff Hotel (THE BEST TIME).
  4. For my first trip to CocoCay with my family of 5 adults, I did splurge and got a cabana. I originally had a cabana at Chill Island but moved it to Coco Beach Club. We LOVED it. However, since you have 3 pre-teens, I could not recommend Coco Beach Club. I would recommend getting them and any adults you think need to go with them passes into Thrill Waterpark. Sitting around a beach is not that exciting for 11 and 8 year olds. Especially when they can see the slides. If the whole family wants to play at the waterpark, then get one cabana for 6 and snap up a few lounge chairs near by. The cabana will come with admission to the waterpark so you will only need 4 more admissions. If part of your family likes the idea of drinking and soaking in a pool, then get a cabana Oasis Lagoon for 6 and grab a few lounge chairs near by. Oasis Lagoon is not far from the waterpark. Your kids will be able to come and go. If part of your family rather just chill out on a beach, then grab a cabana for 6 at Chill Island or other locations. You can also look into the other types of rentals, like the bed on the beach. But if you are a family that could get off the ship early, then don't worry about the cabanas - just grab those beach chairs. The only thing you would need to purchase is access to the waterpark. Have fun!
  5. I use a lanyard because I am always putting things down and then walking away from them. Plus I wear my work ID on a lanyard so I am used to it.
  6. Someone is watching you.... Big Brother maybe? LOL!
  7. I always wonder why the cruise ships would reject surge protected devices. This makes sense. When purchasing a device, I make sure it is labeled as cruise approved. Other than that, I couldn't tell you how to determine if one is or is not surge protected.
  8. This make more sense to me on why you were asking the question. What I usually do is carry my passport on me at all times (unless I am scuba diving) by wearing it in either a waist holder or around my neck on a lanyard. I usually have some emergency cash and a credit card too. Just in case.
  9. It may be better to contact RCL via email. You can use this site: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/resources/contact-us Scroll towards the bottom of the page.
  10. I am a HUGH planner. But my last cruise, I had planned TOO MUCH! I never had a chance to sit back and relax by a pool or hot tub. So my advice, plan on what you really want to hit - if that is a shore excursion, a show, or a specialty dining. Then save several hours in a day relaxing your way. Have fun. Don't stress. There is so much on a cruise ship that it is impossible to hit it all at once. Bring back wonderful memories.
  11. @AshleyDillo - could the puzzles and information be seen by someone sitting? I have been to a few puzzle rooms where you need to be standing to either look down at information or to reach levers. Also, would there be room to maneuver a wheelchair with the max number of people in a room. I have been told that the rooms could get crowded.
  12. On my last cruise, my husband got the soda/VOOM package while I got the refreshment package. We shared the VOOM package. You can use the VOOM on different devices - just one at a time.
  13. I was also under the impression that being next to elevators would be noisy. I am glad to see this myth debunked. Things I learned today. LOL!
  14. I have not taken a European cruise YET. But I LOVE Barcelona. Must see La Sagrada Familia - check out both ends - they were done by 2 different artists. Also Parc Guell. Finally, can I recommend the Alan Parson Project's album Gaudi? I listened to the album on my flight to Barcelona. Then I was able to see all of his amazing works.
  15. Check out RCL website: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/booking-cancellation-refund-policy
  16. If you use a travel agent and if you can be super flexible and within driving range of a port, a TA will get notices about Going, Going, Gone sales at super cheap prices. But you won't have much of a notice. Good luck. I hope that 2023 is a better year for you.
  17. My work uses a gripper card holder clamp. I was nervous when I first started using it, afraid my badge would fall off. But I added 2 layers of scotch tape where the clamp would go and it really grips the card well.
  18. Just found this on-line: In general terms, foreign-flagged cruise ships are required to visit at least one non-U.S. port so that they cannot benefit from sailing exclusively within U.S. waters while simultaneously skirting U.S. tax and labor laws.
  19. I think it is the other way around, they have to have a non-US port. That is why the Alaskan cruise always stop in Victoria. But I could be wrong.
  20. I am glad that at least 1 thing went well on your trip - your debarkation! Sorry you were unable to enjoy a breakfast. Food poisoning is no joke. Get well soon!
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