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  1. It's most likely the crew/cabin steward area where they keep their carts, extra laundry, etc. They are placed along the corridors. Some also have emergency exits in them.
  2. They have a singles social hour on board, just check your planner!
  3. They do work better. We use the patches, he gets car sick so he will put it on the morning we leave to drive down to Fort Lauderdale.
  4. Oh, we loved Independence, and it holds a special place for us since it was our first ship together. Have fun!!!
  5. Conversations like this always devolve into back and forth sniping, but I will throw my two cents in for what it's worth... I am a big believer in adhering to what is expected behavior. I used to hate following the rules, but now I've learned they are for everyone's enjoyment. I never lived through the days of dressing fancy for flights and cruises, but I kind of wish things were still that way. However, people spend good amounts of money to go on these trips, so I think they should make the vacation their own. You should make the vacation your own. Wear what you want within reason, and just enjoy. We are all there to have a fun, relaxing time. If you are getting caught up with what other people are doing/wearing/saying/etc. YOU are NOT enjoying YOUR vacation. So, hope for the best in humanity, but be tolerant when people don't live up to your specific standards.
  6. We aren't concerned. It's supposed to be PM Thunderstorms later in the day so we should have a decent morning for everything. Fingers crossed.
  7. My best friend and partner Sea sickness meds just in case of rough seas Chargers for the devices Kindle Working pet cam to keep track of the boys while we are away
  8. For our sailing in 5 days. We don't purchase this package, but figured I would add mine. Ship: Allure
  9. Anyone have any recommendations on mocktails? We don't drink so want to get something fun to celebrate our little trip.
  10. MEI Travel is the recommended one. I'm a little biased, though. I've seen several reports on here of people seeing strange things with their bookings. I will also say I have seen a lot more scams out there about past due balances. For example I was getting one from Verizon, but they assured me it was a scam. So I'm wondering if there has been some data breach somewhere.
  11. We have been having good results using a service called BeeperMD. Free, too.
  12. Was that excursion a set time or were you able to head back early? Looks like it's 6 hours total.
  13. Our last trip it was $30/day I "believe". Don't quote me.
  14. We checked, no mystery refunds for us. Thank you for the head's up, though.
  15. As the advice always is: go ahead and buy it now as you can reprice later on if it goes down. If it goes up you already locked in a lower rate.
  16. Sometimes they do. On our November cruise the price of the birthday decorations was cut by 50% for a short time and went back up later on. not guaranteed, but it happens.
  17. On our last check in for our upcoming cruise it was several days later after putting our check in information in before the vax card field populated. This could have been due to the app not seeing it, or perhaps there is a delay. Moral of the story, logged back in a few days later and it was there.
  18. Noted and thank you for that tidbit! Always got to look to make sure there are no additional fees. A good Travel Agent doesn't charge their clients anything!
  19. I would point out that while you may have had a bad experience with one MEI Travel Agent they have many affiliated agents. Try giving another one a shot so you can maintain that relationship. If you would like to go to someone else, then there are many resources you can use including Travel Leaders: https://www.travelleaders.com/travel_agent/find-a-travel-agent.aspx
  20. I bet I can find something I like! Thank you!
  21. Thank you for the help! The issue I keep running in to is it not being available on my ship, but I do appreciate the help.
  22. That's entirely true/possible, I appreciate the correction to that point, but it's still nice to know ahead of time that it may not be included.
  23. Just a note with the Johnny Rocket's shakes. That's only if you order dinner there and pay for the meal (like $10 or so). Then the milkshakes are free.
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