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  1. Just got off Anthem January 13th and the offers are the same as above with only a change to Diamond and above drink vouchers reloading to seapass card at 4:59am now instead of midnight. Good luck.
  2. After using her two 50% beer/wine coupon allotment for the cruise she moves on to her Diamond 4 drink coupons/per day for the remainder of the cruise.
  3. Hard Seltzer is practically all my wife drinks with our benefits ... she uses them for it all the time. Enjoy.
  4. There are instructions in the myVEGAS reward email that you receive to process the reward through Casino Royale by email or phone. Word of caution though, if you have a group rate cruise discount through your TA, then it’s ineligible for these rewards. Good luck with it.
  5. Sorry for the thread hijack but we are looking for feedback on the Radisson Blu 1882 Hotel, Barcelona Sagrada Familia, Carrer Còrsega, 482, Barcelona, 8025 for a few days post-cruise in October, 2022. Would anyone have an opinion on this hotel and the area. Also any info on getting from the port in Tarragonna to Barcelona post cruise also appreciated. Thanks.
  6. "Free" cruise is for two (2) passengers based upon standard double occupancy in an interior stateroom. Both passengers pay port taxes, fees and the additional daily gratuity. Good luck.
  7. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Took that shot during a Summer 2019 cruise on Explorer out of Southampton. Nice port town with many kids and many ducks by the lake.
  8. If cheating with Google is allowed… Seattle, Washington stone in pavement
  9. I know we are all RCCL junkies here but there are a few short (2-4 days) MSC cruises out of Miami and Port Canaveral available in your myVegas rewards now if you all are interested. Good luck, point-wise (90K-100K), they are practically giving them away.
  10. Thanks so much for the recommendations and suggestions JB, all are much appreciated. Take care and stay safe.
  11. Any pre-cruise Athens Hotel recommendations (currently looking at Radisson Blu, Hyatt, Hilton or IHG properties.) Also the same hotel info for post-cruise Barcelona plus transportation options from Port of Tarragona to Barcelona post-cruise. Finally, any must dos and/or excursions in Athens, Santorini, Katakolon, Catania, Salerno, Ajaccio, Villefranche-Sur, Sete and Barcelona. Thanks for any and all suggestions, we can't wait for this trip.
  12. No, that t&c section simply means you have 90 days from when you purchased the "reward" from myvegas to redeem it towards an eligible cruise. Good luck.
  13. If you pack some zip loc sandwich size bags in your luggage, you can wrap your sandwich in paper napkins and then put it in the zip loc sandwich bag. You can also get sandwiches and individual bags of chips from cafe 270. Good luck.
  14. Thanks for the info and nice pictures TickledBlue. Stay safe and Happy Holidays.
  15. Thanks for the follow up but still the same no show for KSC or full price for me. Take care and Happy Holidays.
  16. $50.00 promotional OBC on Anthem, November, 2022 (only on one of our six currently booked sails) ... Merry Christmas to us. Thanks for the heads up D Alt.
  17. You are very lucky with that one, enjoy. Nothing for KSC showing up for me in 3 of 4 sails and at regular price for # 4. Take care.
  18. Glad you had a great time ... love those Oasis class cities, er, I mean ships.
  19. Wow, that show looks fantastic based solely on the images through your link ... thanks.
  20. I agree with MuttMutt's comments on similar pricing between TA and RCI and having someone to deal with RCI on your behalf above. However, another advantage of using a TA is that mine always has extra perks like additional TA Loyalty Club OBC based upon completed cruises through them or access to TA-negotiated group rates that may have lower rates, taxes or fees. You can't really go wrong with using a TA imho. Good luck.
  21. That is correct, the May 31, 2022 deadline for CWC sailings is an extension of the previous April 30, 2022 deadline for CWC sailings that was in place for the longest time. Good luck all.
  22. Welcome home, glad you had a great time. Can't wait for our NYE (Eastern Caribbean) sailing on Anthem in three weeks. What was the passenger load percentage on your sail and was the Windjammer open for dinner? Thanks and stay safe.
  23. We typically minimum bid on most in hopes of "lucking" into an upgrade. If it wasn't for bad luck ... we would have no luck at all.
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