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  1. We were on Navigator late August with the UDP and had Maine lobster at Hooked without a surcharge.
  2. Just read about that on the RC sub group in Red dit. Really sad news as I just submitted a review of one of the Casino Royale call center staff that helped me last week.
  3. Thanks for the tip on The Key. I've been contemplating it for our Dec. Harmony cruise, so I picked it up for $19.99; not as great as the early birds but better than the $28.99 I saw yesterday. Now to cancel the one Soda+Voom we had and replace it with the regular soda package.
  4. You forgot the real question...Is it Safe?
  5. I wonder how many people cancelled after they removed some of the perks and now regretting it. It was at $26 for our sailing and jumped to $37 after the recent announcement.
  6. Our online checking was shown on the Cruise Planner for the 21st and I was able to check-in at 9pm (PST) on the 20th and selected an early Arrival Time. They required the following items for each of the passengers to upload via the app: Passport information Face photos Pictures of your vaccine card (we provided both sides) Credit card info These might only be required if you're new to RC (as we are) and you can opt to provide it at a later time after selecting an arrival time.
  7. Looking forward to this. It'll be the first cruise for my wife and I, she's always wanted to go but I've had no interest until now. A coworker always goes and talked me into it; the limited capacity might help ease me into the a new adventure. So far, we've only booked the Skyline-Magens Bay tour for St. Thomas as well as the zipline at CocoCay; I might cancel the zipline and try the one at Pelican Peak in Philipsburg instead.
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